#1 Checking for Stickies

Checking for Stickies

Stickies… Yep those tiny little baby hairs that attach themselves to the extensions. Most sets had above 6 stickies! Yes 6!! We have come to realise that students have been very much let down in checking their own stickies over the years.

After judging at many eyelash competitions, stickies is often the number one reason you will lose points in competitions!!

So here it is, the judges method of checking for stickies:

Leaving sticks will result in damage to the natural lashes so you must ensure you sift through the lashes for obvious stickies then use an advanced method to check. Please note this is only for advanced technicians who have steady hands and brilliant tweezer control!


Hold the tweezers parallel to the lash line, weave tweezers through the lash line, gently move tweezers from the lash line and if you feel a pull you have found a sticky. NEVER point the tweezers into the eyes.

Lash Vision Academy believes in the HIGHEST quality training and safety education in the lash industry. We go above and beyond to educate you on how to maintain a long career with clients who can have lashes for life!

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