Are you paying insurance that wont actually cover you if something goes wrong?

Well let us tell you this… Insurance companies are NOT going to tell what you need to hear. 

YOU have to ask the questions to find out if you are adequately covered in your eyelash business. There are so many things to consider! As a Lash Artist you are working extremely close to the eye! Eyelash extensions, glue, tweezers… the list goes on! You need to consider health & hygiene and make sure you are covered for the basic and beyond! 

YOU have to ask the questions to know the loop holes and be aware if you are going to be covered if sh!t hits the fan. 

The only one who covers your own bum… is YOU! 

YOU are the one that needs to ask the questions, to get the answers and make sure that YOU are covered! 

We don’t want to scare you, or be negative… but educate and make sure you are AWARE. Make sure you have policies and procedures in place to protect YOURSELF

Did you know… if you are trading without an ABN or NOT registered with your council (where required) and are paying insurance… it is absolutely worthless! Your insurance is VOID!! You have to tick the boxes for insurance to cover you! 

So it is very important to make sure you tick ALL the boxes required from your insurance to ensure your butt is covered!! 

Not every state requires council registration, so make sure you check your area! But we want to help, protect and educate you… because we care 

*this is general advice only please seek the appropriate legal advice prior to making changes in your business

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