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#14 A career as a lash artist

So you’re here because you’re thinking about a career as a Lash Artist. For many, lashing has become like second nature. They are very passionate about their job as a lash tech and love to make others feel and look great! It can certainly be a very rewarding and empowering career choice. Especially if you have a creative flare, love being around people and want to create some serious lash magic! 

Whether you are looking to become an independent lash artist (be it working from home or owning your own business) or an employee, the option to choose is there! Like most careers, there are pros & cons to having your own business vs working for someone else. 

Owning your own lash business gives you greater flexibility. You work the hours YOU want! Whether it's full time, part-time or you are just after some extra income, you have the flexibility to choose your hours and schedule clients around your lifestyle. 

There are always costs when setting up your own business... business registration (where applicable), insurance, room fit out, marketing and other costs to consider. If you plan it all out and put in the hard work… it can mostly definitely be done and you can be very successful.

If you are planning on running your business from home, do you have an ideal space for your set up? What do you need and is there enough room? 

salon room

Working for someone else does not give you the same flexibility. In the beauty industry you will most likely be required to work late Thursday, Fridays and over the weekends. But then there are no start up fees or business legalities you have to worry about. Just show up, do a good job and get paid! Plus you will receive all employee benefits (sick days, annual leave, etc). 

So, how do you become an eyelash technician? You need to figure out the path you want to take and make that first step - Enrol in a course! 

Make sure you research, good accredited lash training and education is absolute key to success - someone that offers support. 

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