#16 Hygiene Horrors that are hiding in your salon

Here it is… the dirty dirty truth about hygiene in our latest unpopular opinion – HYGIENE HORRORS!!!

This was recorded a few weeks ago (back in June in-between lock-downs)… so we’re all feeling the low of yet another one. But unpopular opinion is always a hit and we wanted to make sure it reached out followers who may have missed it on Instagram. 

While some of the hygiene nasties we discuss may be informative, the SHOCK value is somewhat satisfying. 

Don’t be a dirty bit@# – watch and learn where your failing when it comes to hygiene!

Lash strips should NOT be used on more than one client (it is VERY disgusting)! Let us explain why…

Imagine going into a salon that does waxing around mucus membranes, anywhere there is a secreting area – eyes, nose, mouth, underarms, Brazilian area and so on, there is BACTERIA!! So imagine if you went in to get a wax and they said “we are going to reuse the wax from the previous client” – soooo gross!!! Well, when you go get your eyelashes done and your technician uses the same lash strip, this is basically the same thing  This is how we spread things like conjunctivitis… 

Here’s another one… Loose lash pots – Did you know these are actually BANNED in our council (Maroondah)!!! Big issue here is double dipping – it is a HUGE bacterial mess – which Kimberley explains in her video. 

And what is with the hygiene we hear about tweezers? We do know hygiene levels taught about tweezers is much lower than what it actually needs and should to be. We constantly have students coming in for re-training or up-skill that are cleaning their tweezers with an alcohol wipe, or just put the tip of the tweezers into the disinfectant and don’t fully submerge it. There are still people who call it sanitisation instead of disinfecting. Just no. If you don’t know how to clean your tweezers and would like a demonstration… hit us up with a PM on instagram or email us. 

And finally, tweezer cases that have fabric in them are NOT hygienic. Dust particles build up inside the case and provide a perfect place for bacteria growth. So you may be up to standards in cleaning your tweezers, but if you have a fabric case… the bad news is, you’ve just wasted your time!

And this is why Kimberley created the hygienic tweezer case! The inside is made with a cleanable plastic insert, meaning your tweezers can be safety stored without the worry of nasties growing on them. No wonder these cases are so popular!

Do you want to know more nasty hygiene horrors that are hiding in your salon? Comment below, send us a PM or email us to feature in one of our upcoming segments!

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