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#17 Finding Clients as a Lash Artist


Here's some tips that will hopefully help you get new clients through your door!


Referrals can be clients and even models you have worked on, especially in your early days where you are starting to build up. Often models will have loved your work and will come back as a full paying client. So even though your model might not be paying full price, or may be even receiving a free set, they can still be used as a referral.

Don’t be afraid to ask them for their feedback and constantly use it and post it on your social media & website. Referrals are the greatest compliment and show potential clients that you are a reputable business. 

This will help build up your clientele who will then continue to support and refer your business to others.

LOTS of people post on social media looking for recommendations. If you establish a good clientele from just a few people, this can easily grow and expand. If they love your work, they will recommend you. This is like a never ending free marketing gold mine. Keep your current clients happy, create beautiful lashes that make your clients feel beautiful and more will follow! 

  1. SEO:

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation. Which means when someone types ‘keywords’ into a web browser (eg. google) ‘eyelash extensions near me’, you should come up! If you have a website this is very important. We highly suggest you look at doing some work in this area or hiring a professional to do it for you. 


Facebook and Instagram are still at the forefront of social media. If you are on Instagram, please tell people where the heck you are located! We see this so often, looking at IG accounts and wondering are you in Australia, Sydney, Melbourne ?!? Which part…? PLEASE put down where you are based! 

Engage with people on your social media. Yes you can post lots of great pictures of your work. But you want to speak to your audience and engage your audience. You could post an amazing photo of a set you have just done saying ‘my latest work’, ok so how can you make this connect with your audience more? Talk to your audience about what your have done and why, talk about why your clients eye style suited dolly, cats-eye etc. Talk about how you achieved what look your client was after. Ask your audience questions – what styles do you like? What do you expect out of your retention? And so on. People need a reason to remember you!


Show your brand! Any chance you get. It could as simple as a logo on your t-shirt / work uniform etc.

Brand exposure can open the door to so many possibilities. You’re not only showing off your brand through repetition, but if you’re out and about people will see your logo. Some won’t care, others might be intrigued. You just never know where and when you will meet someone who will spark up a conversation and potentially lead them to becoming a long time client. 


Affiliating yourself with other businesses. For example your local cafe, pilates studio, anywhere there are potential clients. Just ask to drop off some business cards or information and in return do the same for that business. It’s the perfect you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours scenario.

Run a competition together and share your following on Instagram.

There are so many ways to get your name out there and to bring clients in the door. Sit down, write out a list of ways you could promote your business and be prepared to put in the hard work. While the first steps of getting new clients in the door might be a challenge, once you have theses clients you could have them for a very long time. Look after them, message them after their appointment to follow up. 

At Lash Vision our training comes with modules on branding and marketing your business. PLUS we have ongoing support, so if you need help you can reach out to us anytime! Our support is second to none. Whether you’re are just starting out or ready to take a refresher course, you are at the right place! 

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