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#18 Unpopular Opinion – Lash tinting with the stained eyeliner effect

Are you tinting your clients lashes using the stained eyeliner effect? This is when you are taking the tint and leaving the residue of it on the skin. If so, you are doing it INCORRECTLY!! And running a HUGE risk of a reaction. 

If you think about it, your could argue the point… We dye hair and it touches the skin – yep, but it’s a different region of the body. A bit closer… we tint eyebrows and it touches the skin – yes ok. But we’re here to talk about the eye line. It is one of THE thinest skins, with a LOT of exposure to veins that are close to the surface of the skin and it is one of the easiest areas to react. If you thought eyelash extensions can cause a bad reaction… well let us tell you, a tint reaction blisters and swells! 

Watch Kimberley’s video below as she shares her opinion (apologies for the muddled text in some parts of the video).  If you are tinting incorrectly, best you brush up on your knowledge!! You do NOT want a tint reaction to happen to one of your clients!! 

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