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#19 Unpopular Opinion – You should never do a treatment without selling aftercare…

You should NEVER do a treatment without selling aftercare… EVER!

Ok… is this really an un-popular opinion? Well, yes we think it is. We hear of so many people struggling to sell retail. Clients not wanting to wash their lashes, they don’t want to buy this, being told their clients will use baby shampoo, blah blah blah… 

It is unacceptable to wash your eyes with baby shampoo! The baby shampoo companies came out and stated it is NOT formulated for the eye area. There are many out there that think, if it’s being used on babies surely it’s fine, right? WRONG!

If you look up the safety profile of this product you will see that Fragrance gets a high hazard score of 8/10! Showing the follow results:

• Allergies/immunotoxicity (high)
• Endocrine disruption (moderate)
• Non-reproductive organ system toxicity (moderate)
• Ecotoxicology (low)
• Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs) (moderate)

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Plus there are other ingredients besides perfume that can also cause reaction/immunotoxicity. So if you’re using baby shampoo… you might want to consider… not?!

Lash products are chemically formulated for the eyes to remove the things required (dust, debris and demadex that lives in our lashes) and also PH balance the lashes. 

This is not just for eyelash extensions, but also for lash lifts. We see so many complaints in the forums of clients coming back with super dry lashes. Lash lifting is essentially a perm, a debilitating product that break down the hair so we can then restructure the bonds of the hair into a beautiful curled lash. This process strips back all the nourishment, all the natural oils, all the good stuff in that hair to get the desired effect. Putting one keratin or other nourishing treatment at the end of a lash lift is NOT going to cut it. Your clients need to have a program at home to keep nourishing the lashes. 

Same with eyelash extensions, they need to have the right cleansers. It is absolutely crucial that you sell aftercare with your treatments. Don’t be too scared to sell products to your customers, explain what the products do and why they’re important! Visit our range of products, with many available to you at a wholesale price

You can watch Kimberley Haworth’s video below.

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