#2 Relaxing an over-processed Lash Lift

Let us set the scene.. You have processed your clients stunning lash lift.. you followed all the steps and they walked out with dreamy lashes…. Next morning you wake to a panicked client who is saying her lashes are over curled and crazyyyy.. meanwhile you’re over here like ‘hold up lady I did a perfect lash lift’.

Well here is the thing… Everyone’s lashes has a different amount of disulphide bonds. These are the bonds that hold the keratin in the hair together to make a strand. In lash lifting we break these bonds. When we break these bonds we weaken the hair.

Meaning they become dehydrated and hold a whole lot of water after we rinse, in-fact they can take up to 12 hours to fully dry and up to 48 for the hairs natural PH to re-balance! Ever noticed the clients lashes sometimes spring up a little the day after their lift?

So now to tackle the drama your client doesn’t want in her lashes?

Step 1.

Be a professional. I have heard of technicians crying on the phone to their clients when this has happened. its your job to keep your head!

Step 2.

Explain we all have different hair structure and it seems like this client in particular takes very well to the product. Then note you can completely reverse the treatment! Yep you sure can.

Step 3.

Rebook the client for a relaxation. This is done by using a mascara brush with solution one rolling through the backs of the lashes pulling the lashes out straight to the tips for 1 to 2 minutes. Remove solution one then repeat with solution two for 1 minute. rinse. dry with a fan and repeat if necessary. Be aware tint will be stripped in this process.


Now Breath your a pro and you have got this!

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