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#21 Surviving lockdown - Salon inspiration during COVID

What a strange time we all face. A lot of us are in back in lockdown (here in Melbourne this is our 6th) with no sight of it ending anytime soon. It’s a challenging time both mentally and financially for so many. There is a lot of anger, frustration and many who are at breaking point. 

Looking back to our first lockdown it was a completely different experience. The unknown seemed scary, we didn’t know what to expect and we went into the first lock-down with hope that we would do that hard work and it would be over and back to freedom in no time… (well, that’s what i thought)… Boy was I wrong! 

Second time around was again a different feeling, we had been there, done this and made it through. We knew what to expect and wouldn’t be as tough on ourselves. 

Third and fourth lockdowns are a blur… Days just blended into the next. I remember being well and truely over EVERYTHING. Motivation was at an all time low, lots of people were struggling, then there were others posting about their lockdown goals and achievements. It was not a time to compare and some of us just needed to get through the day. Working from home had its challenges with the constant interruptions, especially when you throw home-schooling in the mix… well thats a whole other story! 

The fifth lockdown came with lots of anger! By this stage we just didn’t want to… I don’t even know how to put it, do lockdown, do home-schooling, do life?! This is no way to live!! But what could we do?! Luckily it only lasted a short while until we are thrown into our sixth lockdown with no end in sight… (here we are wanting to scream at the top of our lunges – some of us probably did)!!!! 

So what can we do? We can be kind to ourselves and others.


Here’s a list of what I am trying to do to get through it;

  • Stick to some kind of routine, even the small things like getting up at the same time and getting dressed in the morning can be a goal / achievement when you’re feeling low
  • Going for walks and getting some fresh air – it really does wonders!
  • Call a friend or family member to check in and keep in contact
  • Be flexible. If you have a partner or kids while you’re trying to work from home, your routine will most likely be disturbed. If it gets too much, step away and come back to what you were doing. Flexibility here is key.

If you are stuck at home and unable to work here are a few suggestions;

  • Think about offering your clients an at home care pack. Here are some great examples;
    1. Retail items are a great way to make money! Think affordable items or gift hampers. They could be items to pamper you clients, or for them to send a gift to someone who is in need of some self care and love. 
    2. While your clients aren’t wearing lashes, you could suggest using nourishing products such as Elleeplex & Elleevate, these help to nourish and strengthen their lashes. These items have been so popular during lock-down and available at a wholesale price to Lash Vision account holders! To view wholesale prices create your account here
  • Keep up your social media account. It doesn’t always have to be about lash applications. Here are some suggestions;
    1. Let your clients know what they can do to keep their eyelashes in good condition during lock-down.
    2. Posts of self-care and love to keep your clients engaged.
    3. POLLS POLLS POLLS!!! We find polls works exceptionally well. Ask your clients questions like ‘what are you doing to keep busy during lockdown’, ‘have you set any goals’ or even ask if anyone is struggling and what they’ve done (if anything) to help get them through this.
    4. You can also show them what your day looks like, it might be great, or it might be completely boring, or it could be children screaming while you’re on the phone… Someone can always relate and that’s where your audience will engage. 
    5. And last but not least. REELS!!! Reels are going crazy at the moment and getting high views. This is a good time to build a following! It’s a great reminder to your current following to remember you and to build a new following! 
  • Keep Practicing!
    1. Join in on some challenges or create your own challenge (if you do please tag us on IG)! Make some lash fans.
    2. Pick up your tweezers and practise your technique.
    3. Or even do an online refresher course to keep you motivated. 

Most of all BE KIND! To yourself and others. It truely is a hard time and there is no right or wrong way. Just get through each day as best you can, remember to breath and take time for YOU. 

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