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#23 The Lash Master: Tips to help you find the right trainer

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Today I want to talk about the lash master. Isn’t it interesting that we give ourselves names, 'a master', 'a junior', 'a senior'… and I understand the need for them... and I understand that someone who just started may say 'I’m just a beginner' and I’m not going to charge as much right now because I'm working on becoming a qualified technician or a senior technician. I will raise my prices as I go. And I do understand the need for that.

Where I struggle with is this 'master' title. I have won awards, multiple awards... I’m looking at about 10 of them right this second. That’s not said as an arrogant thing, in fact I don’t actually talk about my awards that much or show them off. Because as much as they are a merit and I’m super proud of achieving them, to me I am a firm believer that my work is what should truly speak truths about me.

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I think we often throw around terms so we can explain to people what we are, eg. I’m a master lash artist. Well how can you master something that’s in its infancy. Its only been around for 15-20 years… 20-25 at max. It really is a young industry when you compare us to nails which has been around 75 or so years. How is it possible to be a master of something that hasn’t even been mastered yet. We have so much to learn, we’ve got so much education we need. There is just a lot left to be desired in that particular statement. Maybe you’ve won awards and that gives you merit, or you've been lashing for a couple of years and you’re definitely above a senior and I think I’m a master now.

I think what really grinds my gears with this is I see so many people calling themselves a master, that I wouldn’t even give a certificate to if they took my training. I would legit be like, sorry you do not pass. Because they’re not sustainable, they’re not safe, they have no care for the natural lashes, yet they can call themselves masters.

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I suppose I’m speaking to the beginners a bit and probably rubbing some people the wrong way. But beginners, don’t just do training with someone because they call themselves a master. You need to look at the quality of their work. More than this, I see people getting caught up on this ALL the time. It is not just the quality of their work, but can they actually teach? Because there’s a lot of people out there that can do great work but are really shitty teachers. My husband always says to me, you don’t have to be the best football player to be a good coach. In fact most of the great coaches weren’t that great at football. They were the mid level guys, that understood the technicality and are able to get that across and teach players.

So just because your trainer hasn’t won lots awards in the way their lashes look, doesn’t mean they cant get you to the level where you can win loads of awards.

Most of my awards came when I became a trainer, and I’m going to lay this out and I may be shooting myself in the foot here (and sorry to all my past clientele). But I became a really good lash artist when I became a trainer and not a second before. I learnt SO much through the process of examining peoples work and becoming someone that had to look at the intricate details, rather than just applying lashes and make money (and I’m not trying to downgrade applying lashes and making money).

But it turns out my absolute passion was in teaching others how to be really good at that. How to be an exceptional lash artist, who won awards, who had incredible work. I found a passion and a beautiful niche to be able to do that for others. I can help you get there, I definitely can. Could I get there myself before I understood the nitty gritty? Hardly. No. I don’t think I won a single awards before I was a trainer and now here I am with all these awards, which I’m super proud of. But what screams success to me more than these awards sitting in front of me is the success of my students.

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Do I need to be called a master lash artist? Absolutely not. I don’t care if someone thinks I’m a master lash artist. I have the craft, the skill, the ability to help you to become a master lash artist. But I don’t believe that title is really one that many should have. Well anyone really, we haven’t mastered it. We're too young! We're learning so much year in, year out about what we do. I can teach you to be skilled, I can teach you to be incredible, I can teach you to win awards if you want to. I know exactly, EXACTLY what they are looking for, because I have been a judge. I know exactly how to win an award based on the panel of people looking at them. Because if you have me on the panel, it would be very different to someone who does mega volume on the panel. Who loves that look. You have to figure out the judges and who your catering to. I know this. But I don’t need some title. I need student success, my students success is mine. And that is the greatest title I can ever hold.

If my students are leaving great reviews, if my students are telling the world that I have helped them earn money, have the lifestyle they want, really gain success and freedom, financially, emotionally, mentally, whichever way it is, that is the title that I want to carry, that is the title the inspires me.

So many students get caught out by this, they get caught out by trainers who call themselves certain things and flashy marketing. We can all make ourselves look fantastic. But is that trainer actually going to help you get success? Is that company actually going to help you get that success? Or are you going to be left high and dry? They will do your training and be like – all done, good luck. Will they keep coaching you, because that is where the magic is. That is the secret source. That ongoing coaching, a slow delivery learning system and ongoing coaching is the secret source for success. You’ve got to be super patient to get into this game, then have someone who will work with you continuously.

I get so crushed when I get calls from these beautiful girls (and boys), who are so gutted before they even begin, because they feel like they have been portrayed by the first person that trained them. Before they even begin... dreams crushed, money gone. And most people spend all the money they’ve got on their training.

I really want students to know, you need to look at what their students are saying about them, you need to look at their quality of work, yes. But you need to look at their students work as well. I essentially just want to say, look for a trainer that will support you. That you love the quality of work they and their students produce. Get a hold of their students and ask about the training experience. Look at reviews. Look at the ongoing support and what they’re going to offer you. Don’t be price fixed, I know no one likes it when I say that. But you will make it back ten fold. Invest in yourself and invest in going with a really good trainer. Don’t be caught up on the name or the marketing. Get into the nitty gritty and do your research, because the amount of people heartbroken because they didn’t do that and went with someone that it seemed like a good deal, or it seemed like everyone wanted to train with them because that’s how their marketing made it look. The heartbreak will be real. The heartbreak is devastating.

So to recap, here's what to look for when finding your trainer:

  • Lots of ongoing support
  • Check with their students about their experiences
  • Check their reviews but remember no one really allows the bad reviews to be put up. So make sure you are checking with the actual students if you’ve notices any.
  • Make sure you don’t get caught up on the marketing or the hype people give themselves. It's got to be about genuinely connecting with the brand, not finding the best deal, but finding the best trainer to train you. Someone that lights up, someone the genuinely will be there for you.

I always explain it like this, if I ever had to close lash vision for whatever reason, lets just say it happened (I cant see that happening by the way). I would still be there for my students. I would still answer their questions. Because helping and guiding the success that they achieve, that shit sets my soul on fire. The training you’re looking at… do they offer that kind of support? Because if not, time to bail out now. You don’t want to train with them.

Thanks so much for reading, we hope this blog was helpful and if you want to listen to the recording it is available on our PODCAST

There will be more blog posts, and even more podcasts coming your way soon!

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