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#24 The False Promise

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I really want to speak to our beginner’s. Have a chat to you about the false promise and how it is highly marketed in the lash industry. Many lash educators are really going to resonate or hate me. And it’s because there’s this false idolism that comes with learning lashes, that lashes are super easy, fast with incredible income. I don’t want to take away from our industry at all, any trade-based skill you can earn incredible money and it does eventually get easy. 

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But there is this false promise that is given within the industry that you are just going to learn lashes, suddenly become the most bougee person in the world, wear Louis Vuitton and just go live your best life. Don’t get me wrong, that is definitely a dream you can aspire to and I don’t want to rob you of that. I don’t want to sit here and say that’s unachievable, of course it’s achievable. But the marketing out there creates the idea that you will achieve that super fast and super easy. I think any business owner can attest that there is nothing easy about establishing a business that has a great reputation and is fully booked. Or if you’re an online business have hundreds of orders each week. That comes with hard work and our industry is constantly underselling ourselves by offering a false promise to our customers. Does it get people in the door? Yes! Does it keep them in the trade? Hell no!

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You need to go into training with really open eyes and know exactly what you are in for. You need to go into training without the money factor being your driving force. It has to be a passion more than money. When I say that, you should be thinking: ‘I just love making people feel amazing’, ‘I’m really into finer details and mastering a skill’, ‘ I love a challenge’. Those are the sort of things that need to be going through your head. Because in my experience (and I’m a fully qualified beauty therapist), eyelash extensions are the hardest things you can learn in beauty. There I said it! I’m not trying to turn you away from learning lashes, because it is one of the most gratifying things. But if you’re in the industry for quick money, lashes is not your go to. There’s going to be many trainers out there who dislike me saying that. But it’s the truth and someone has to tell all you amazing beginners the truth.

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What to expect from your lash training and what to expect from yourself:

If you are a beginner and starting your journey, I don’t want this to daunt you. I want this to be a mental preparation for what’s ahead. You’re going to sign up for your lash training, whether it is in person or online. You will be super excited, feel so ready and motivated. Then you’re going to log in or attend your training and be FLOODED with information, and I mean overwhelmingly so.

You will be completely burnt out by the end of day one. Or, if you’re learning online, a slow delivery system will actually fix this! Part of the reason we have taken our training online (digesting the information slower helps you to get and retain it). They say around 70% of knowledge that you learn on the day of training, goes in one ear and out the other – I don’t have hard facts on that statistic, that’s just what I’ve been told in the past. But I’m like damn… that sounds about right. I don’t remember anything after my training, I’m absolutely fried. Actually, I have a great story for this, I went and learnt a styling class and it was really good, but we learnt something like 20-30 styles in one day and I left remember just one. ONE!! It was so overwhelming the amount of styles we learnt, and I only practised this one called ‘the fox’ which is very close to a cats eye or a cats eye natural hybrid sweep. Anyway, that was the only thing I left knowing. So go in expecting to have knowledge overload. If you can get your hands on the manual before the day, or if you can do an online slow release system - that is going to hugely benefit you. Unless you’re doing a 5 day course, it’s going to be A LOT. Going through a manual and trying to learn lash applications in 1 or 2 days… is near impossible. Saying that is going to ruffle some feathers, because it is really common in our industry to have only 1 or 2 day training (which should be abolished in my opinion). Unless the 1 or 2 days is hands on only and you’ve already learnt everything in the manuals you need to, which is why we designed and deliver our system the way we do. 

Go in expecting it to be a lot and be prepared for that knowledge influx. When you’ve finished your in-person training – read over your manuals again. That manual or that online training (which you should have lifetime access to), it your absolute lash bible. You live and die for it. And hopefully that company you study with is progressive enough to allow you any new information that comes out. Something we do, if we update anything, all of our students get access to this new information. We believe in ongoing education and that if our students pay to support them, then they should have that support forever.


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What else to expect? Lashes are hard. Really hard. You are using your non dominate hand to do things and your non dominant hand is like no, no we don’t do that. So expect lashing to be hard! Don’t put the expectation on that you’re going to do a full set of lashes on day one. If you do, amazing! Instead, set the expectation that you are going to learn the fundamentals of your career. How to hold your tweezer correctly so your hand doesn’t hurt down the track, how to sit correctly, how to pick up the correct amount of adhesive, how to get great attachment on a lash. Speed comes with time, but if you don’t have the fundamental skills, then you are going to struggle forever! You have to get those fundamental skills right. Your job is to go in with an open mind and know that you are just trying to get those fundamental skills down pat.

Then, once you’ve done that training, you need to keep an open mind about your timing, oh your timing… it is one of the biggest things I hear about in the industry is ‘I’m too slow’, ‘I’m not fast enough’. When I ask how long have you been lashing and they say 6 months, that’s actually not that long. It can take for a classic set of lashes, for experienced maybe at a stretch they can do it in an hour – depending on if they’ve done a really good sticky check or not. For a beginner, 3 hours. We allow 3 hours per set. But sometimes people can take longer. You are learning and how and when this clicks for you is going to be individual.

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I learnt volume with a friend of mine and she clicked straight away, it took me years to completely click for that technique. Mind you at that time I was already a trainer, and I didn’t have a lot of time to practise. Which brings me to this point, practise… Practise is key. Practise is what gets your skills up and time down. So be prepared to and ready to practise. When you finish up your training and you’re completely overwhelmed and exhausted, you may feel like you don’t want to learn lashes anymore, feel unsure this is for you and basically feel like you should just go cry in your car. I should do a poll on this one! I could guarantee there is so many lash artists out there that were like, yes that was my day one. I didn’t love lashing on my first day, but I am so tenacious and stubborn that I was like, I’m getting this, I'm going to get it and I’m going to get it right. And once I did, it was like meditation, it became so seamlessly easy for me to do, I just relaxed and enjoyed doing it. Then when I learnt a new skill / technique I went back to that place... 'I don’t know if this is for me', and 'maybe I’m not good enough', (hello imposter syndrome and self doubt). Like on levels I cant even explain, the level of pressure I put myself under was not helpful. Mindset is everything in training, and I mean everything. You need to go with an open positive mind and every time it feels hard remind yourself, you picked up the tweezers today or yesterday or even a few months ago. The people you compare yourself to are often miles ahead in their journey. You’re on chapter 1, they're on chapter 500. You have to give yourself grace and time and a positive mindset. I’m going to get this, I’m going to be the best, I’m going to be amazing, I’m going to dedicate my time, I am not going to quit and I’m going to allocate the time to do this. Allocation of your time is so important. You need to be practising after your training a lot. I always say 2-3 sets a week minimum to really get it. So don’t go into your training thinking you will do your training, you will do it and be great. No, you go into your training and when you get home, you work your ass off to be great! That is how it rolls. Like any trade, it is repetition. Repetition is your best friend. You could have the best trainer in the world and if you don’t practise, it's going to be no good. You will have wasted every single dollar.


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So you’ve finished your in person training, you're at home and dedicated to practise. Here’s the next hurdle. Motivation. Your motivation is so important. Setting times for you to actually do it. This is something I see a lot, in both online and in-person learning. People always say there’s a bigger drop out due to online learning, but I disagree. I believe the drop out rate comes down to the actual person who’s learning. You need to dedicate, and I mean dedicate your time to this. You need to make sure that you put your heart, soul, time and effort into this career. Because my guess is that you have goal and your goal is not going to happen just by you sitting around waiting for the bougee lifestyle to come. Whether your goal is that you want flexibility around your kids, or you want to drive a Lamborghini. Dream as big as you can, because if you cant dream big then it won't happen. But if you can dream big you can make anything happen. You are divine, you are unstoppable. If you know that, you can make it happen. So make sure you keep the motivation going, yes in part it is your trainers responsibility – but mostly its yours. Deep down inside, anyone that has stopped doing lashes knows it was a lack of motivation and maybe lack of love. But anyone can be good at lashes if they just keep practising and keep going. And they want to continue to better themselves, continue to up-skill and continue to learn from people who inspire them. That’s the key, make sure you’re inspired on a daily basis. Having a goal, and having people you look up to is a really go way to do that.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and will help you in to ensure you are training for the right reasons and ready to give it your all. If you want to listen to the recording it is available on our PODCAST

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Love in Lashes, Kimberley Haworth. 

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