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#25 The NO Bullshit Approach

Now here is a podcast with your name on it!

Join Em Rose as she interviews Kimberley Haworth owner and founder of Lash Vision - who shares how she started her eyelash extension business, experiences she has been through and how she pivoted and how she has managed to change her business around with The No Bullshit Approach!

Starting out as a make-up artist, Kimberley kind of just fell into lashing and it was LOVE at first sight! She found an instant gratification and a beauty application that presented new challenges.

Kimberley talks about the struggles (to the point of almost walking away), her experience on learning classic and volume eyelash extension (a not so good experience), how she up-skilled and got good real quick! 

This is a fantastic interview and a must listen for those who are looking to start out in the lash industry! 

Podcast is ready and waiting...

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