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#26 Lash Lift Training FAQ

So you're considering taking a lash lift and tint course and want to know how to become lash lift certified? 

Whether it be your first course in lashing or an additional service to offer your clients, lash lift and tinting can provide a fabulous income, that is also a low cost, easy application. 

But you probably already know that, you want to know more about training and learning about the application, right?

Well, here are our most frequently asked questions and answer:

Q. What is a lash lift?

A. Lash lifting is the process of reduction (reshaping the hair) - basically you are giving the lashes a permanent treatment that will lift the natural lashes to create a beautiful curl - beyond any mascara can offer!


Q. Is lash lifting safe / will it damage the hair?

A. When applied correctly, lash lift is perfectly safe and does not harm the natural lashes.


Q. How can lash lifting cause damage?

A. If not done correct, the chemical process of breaking the disulphide bonds within the lash can cause damage to the natural lash.

Incorrect placement of the solution can also cause damage to the hair and if the solution is placed too close to the eye it can cause a reaction. 


Q. What is the difference between a lash lift and eyelash extensions?

A. Eyelash extensions require synthetic lash/es to bond to each individual natural lash and require a re-fill every 2-3 weeks. A Lash Lift is much more low maintenance and can last longer than 6 weeks. 


Q. Do I need to tint the lashes after lifting?

A.  Not at all. If your clients wants a more natural look, then lifting the lashes will provide this. However, to achieve best results we recommend tinting the lashes. Having a tint applied after lash lifting creates the illusion of longer lashes. So your client will have a beautiful curl and the lashes will look longer!


Q. Does tinting cause damage to the lashes?

A. Not at all. However it can dry out the lashes and we always recommend that you sell aftercare to your clients such as Elleebana Elleeplex


Q. How long does it take to learn lash lifting?

If you have the time, the online course can be completed in as little as a week! You are then required to submit a total of 6 case studies (that is 6 lash lift applications) for assessment. We ask that you submit these 1 week apart to allow time for feedback. So basically you can be certified within 6 weeks if you knuckle down!

But you can also take your time, we ask that you don't take longer than 6 months to complete the course. 


Q. What is required to start my own home based lash lifting business?

A. We have a check list with everything you need to start your lash lift home based business. 

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