#27 The Importance of Consultation

#27 The Importance of Consultation

It all starts with a consultation, where you get to know a client, design their lashes to suit them perfectly and build a rapport in a relationship. Too often consultations are seen as unnecessary and not worth the time, when in fact there is so much value that can come from having this appointment.

First things first, we can find out if the client cannot have eyelash extension - yes unfortunately eyelash extension are not for everyone. Maybe the client has undergone treatment, or is a new client and heavily pregnant. This time allows you to figure out if your client can or cannot have the treatment. However this is your time to talk to your client about coming in every 3 weeks to be 'pampered' and having them return for in-fills. Or if they can't have the treatment or want a lower maintenance treatment, a lash lift and tint might be more suitable. What are some of the reasons clients cannot have eyelash extensions? We'll be doing a blog on that one next! 

This is also a great time to set out your policies, procedures and boundaries. Let your clients know to arrive 10 minutes before their appointment, how long their treatment will take. This is the perfect for them to ask questions so that on their lash day they will be at ease and you will be able to tell them to relax and get straight to work. 

During your consultation it is really good to have visual of eyelash extension applications to show your customer, for example. Classic lashes, Volume lashes, Lash lift & tint application, 2D Volume, 4D Volume, Hybrid, etc. It is crucial to understand what your client wants. Clients will often tell you to choose, but they always have some kind of expectation of what they want their lashes to look like. It could be light or it could be more full and thick. 

volume eyelash extensions

If someone comes in and asks for their eyelash extensions to be as long as you can get them, they need to be aware that there is a limit to what the natural lashes can handle. If we go outside of what they can handle, we run the risk of damaging the natural lashes. Also explain to your client that the problem with longer eyelash extensions, will be that they lose fullness and won't have that beautiful dense lash line. Explain that going shorter equals fuller. So are they looking for length, or looking for drama? Because drama comes from short full gorgeous lashes.

So take this time to get to know your client and build that rapport. You will most likely gain a long term client when you put in the time and effort. 

Our goal at Lash Vision is to teach safe and sustainable lash applications to protect clients lashes and the eyelash industry. Want to find out more about our the training we offer? Visit our training page for more details. 

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