#29 Water, Glycerine, Aloe and Vitamin E don't make a gel pad

#29 Water, Glycerine, Aloe and Vitamin E don't make a gel pad

It could be our most controversial lash post yet! Buckle up it's about to get technical.
As a lash artist, do you know what you are using on your clients face? Do you often find your eye pads are the WORST irritant when you are applying Classic or Volume eyelash extensions? 

Let's break a few things down:
  • Water - mainly used to dissolve ingredients.
  • Glycerol - serves as a humectant (moisturising), solvent, thickens but not to a gel form
  • Aloe Extract - normally added for moisturising and soothing, in this case it's in at less than 1% so its a marketing story (oh look something natural I understand but does minimal)
  • Vitamin C - preservative in natural formulation... of which gel pads are not. So in this case again it's in at less than 1% so its marketing story (once again, something natural I understand but does minimal).
These ingredients cannot form a solid gel like what you see on the under side of your eye pads. So if the gel pads your using on your eyelash extension clients only show these ingredients.... something is missing friend! That's not to say that your eye pads are poor quality, simply you have no idea what you are using on your client's face.

In fact, a whole heap of chemicals from your eye pads are missing. Now we don't want you to fear chemicals, most are actually safer than using natural ingredients on the skin.. yes you read that correctly!

However, if your lash client then reacts and you don't have the full ingredient run down, you are liable! You see, you chose to use a product that you had no idea if it was safe or not 🤷‍♀️ but yes the manufacturer also needs to own that they have mislabeled their products. *always have the SDS sheet on hand just incase*

In some market research, we collected 10 brands and only 2 had full ingredient run downs 🤯🤯 The eyelash extension industry is young, but this is a legal requirement in cosmetic labelling (in AUS). Now before you run off to tell someone off, unfortunately many suppliers don't tell their purchasers the truth when it comes to ingredients, so we hope this helps them too.

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So after years of research, testing and ensuring we have the right combination of low irritant ingredient, we have found THE eye pad that solves all these problems.
Our Lash Cosy is a medical grade foam eye pad, boasting superior skin adhesion, lint-free, minimal irritation AND pain free removal. Plus Lash Cosy's are Latex-free and available in 2 different shapes. They will be the last eye pad you ever need! See for your self and buy your Lash Cosy today!

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