#30 Contraindications - Part Two

#30 Contraindications - Part Two

A contra-indication is a condition that enables the client as unfit for this treatment or restricts you from performing this procedure. The condition may or may not be visible during your consultation, so it is always important to discuss contraindications with your client.

Medical Tape

A large portion of the population (up to 15%) has severe allergies to medical tape and bandaids. Many of these people are not aware of the allergy until they have lash extensions applied. The under eye stickers are similar to medical tape and the skin around the eyes. It is much more sensitive and thin than skin on the rest of the body, meaning it reacts much more severely than one might expect.

Tape allergies usually present themselves with generalised redness and swelling to the whole eye area, not just redness and swelling along the upper lash line.

This allergy can appear at any time. Symptoms can develop after years of using eyelash extensions, or they can appear the first time the products are used. If your client has a tape allergy, do not use stickers or tape. Try our foam eye pads which are low irritant and suitable for most clients. Gel pads are another substitute you can try. 

Seasonal Allergies

Some people who suffer from seasonal allergies find that they have to remove their lash extensions for about two months out of the year when the pollen count is at its highest. Again, the symptoms are the same; swelling, itching and redness. This generally happens in the springtime, but some people have allergies to pollen that blooms in the fall or summer.

Clients who have Rosacea

Inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea are much more likely to suffer reactions to eyelash extension products. There is even a subtype of rosacea that specifically affects the eyelids. Again, the symptoms are redness, swelling and itching. Many people may not even be aware that they have Rosacea at all until they have a problem with their eyelash extensions. It is possible to have eyelid rosacea triggered by irritation from eyelash extensions, even if the client does not have rosacea on other parts of the face.

These are the most common reactions, but there are many other conditions that can impact your client having eyelash extensions, such as ; twitching eye, watery eyes, recent eye surgery, chemotherapy, contact lenses, damage to the natural lashes and abnormal skin. 

lashing clients who have rosacea


What about pregnancy? Can I lash my pregnant client?

Due to the fluctuating hormone level present in a woman’s body during pregnancy, you may find that the client’s tolerance for normal products might be more sensitive than normal and they can be more likely to experience irritation or perhaps reduced retention.

In the event of a reaction, a pregnant woman is not able to take antihistamines, so ensuring they are made aware of these factors is important.

There is also the comfort factor of your client and laying on their backs can see the uterus putting pressure on the main vein that returns blood flow back to their heart from their lower body, which can result in dizziness or perhaps the client passing out.

Please refer to your insurance company and supplier to ask their recommendation on treatments during pregnancy.

lashing a pregnant client

What to do if your client had a reaction? Keep an eye out for our next post - Incident reporting!

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