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#31 Incident Reporting - My Client had a reaction!!

An incident is an unusual occurrence that potentially poses a risk to students, clients, staff members, visitors or premises. Reactions and incidents can occur at any time in a number of forms. Visit our blog "Rare but possible eye reactions" for a list of possible eye reactions. 

So what can you do if your client, or the person you are applying eyelash extensions on has a reaction or there is an incident? 

If your client has had a severe reaction, they may need to seek medical advice. You need to advise them to do so and ensure you are checking in to see if they are ok. If they do not follow advice or do not seek medical treatment, they could be at further risk - especially where chemicals and the eye are concerned. 

This is where you need to have policies and procedures in place and keep incident report forms to keep records of any incidents that occur in your salon!

Why? Firstly, the health and well being of your client. Secondly, you and your business could be at risk!

So how does an incident report help? Once the incident report is filled in, you and your client are of the same understanding about what has happened and what is to take place. Plus the records are there if you need to get your insurance involved. Say your client did not seek medical advice and ended up losing vision, things are going to get messy. This is extreme and very uncommon, but not impossible. This is why you need to ensure your policies and produces are in place!

Example policy: When an incident occurs; the form is to be filled in by ALL involved.

The procedure: Fill in the report and keep on file for 7 years. Advise client to seek medical advise if deemed necessary. 

Policies and procedures go above and beyond eyelash extension reactions. Think of Policies and Procedures as your instruction manual on how you run your business. Everything from how you start your day, when and how to order products, through to customer service and refunds. Essentially you could give this manual to a complete stranger and they would be able to run your business as you do.

A policy should answer any questions regarding how you run your business. Procedures explain specific action plans for carrying out a policy.

If you are seeking help in policies and procedures, this is something we thoroughly cover in our 10 week business transformation

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