#5 Home eyelash extension removal

STOP!!!! DO NOT remove or recommend home removal of eyelash extensions at home!

STOP! COLLABORATE & LISTEN…. Lash Vision’s here with a brand new edition.

Something grabs a hold of me tightly
picking pulling daily and nightly
Will it ever stop?
Yo, I don’t know

Turn off the lights and I’ll grow..
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it

Let them drop drop ladies
Let them drop drop ladies
Let them drop drop ladies

In all seriousness picking, pulling, oil removals all come with some risks. Let’s go over some important FACTs that we all need to live by.

  1. Picking or pulling lashes can cause traction alopecia or damaged follicles. What that means is up to 90 days of bald patches, if not permanent damage! It can also cause the follicle to be damaged in a way that the lashes will grow back in different directions eg, downwards!
  2. Oil removal. PLEASE we BEG you stop recommending this! Oil can breed bacteria and the fact is many clients will grab the oil straight out of their pantry. Oil removals can cause infection, blocked follicles and promote early lash loss.
  3. Remover. Do us a quick favour…. Take a look at the bottle it will read FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY… need we say more
  4. Cutting. Eek please do not put sharp objects near your eyes, cutting extensions is not safe and can lead to lashes being trimmed.

Most importantly please remember, in this time you are still the professional and advice you give you are liable for.. yes that means damaged lashes are on you, eye infections are on you… any negative side effect cause by the recommended removal is ON YOU! So what is the best removal? Let lashes do what they do best, grow. Promote your growth serums for during lash loss but remember they are temporary. Post lash loss Elleevate and Elleeplex are brilliant products for lash health.

With your business safety in mind,
The Lash Vision Team XX

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