Pre-made VS Hand-made Fans

Pre-made VS hand-made fans... where do you stand? What are the pros and cons? Let us tell you what we know!

Navigating the realm of lash extensions is like curating a personalised journey for each client, and that's where the art of choosing between handmade fans and pre-made fans comes into play. The decision isn't just about skill; it's about crafting an experience that resonates with the lash lover in your chair.

  • Handmade Fans: These little works of lash art demand a certain finesse. They're the canvas for lash artists who've honed their skills, transforming lash extensions into bespoke creations. Handmade fans put you in control – customising the volume, style, and direction with each flutter. They're your masterpiece, where you're the artist, and every lash is a brushstroke of perfection. This technique thrives on your expertise, creativity, and the time you invest to ensure that each fan is a unique expression of beauty.
  • Pre-Made Fans: Now, imagine slipping into the fast lane. Pre-made fans are the dash of magic for lash artists at any stage. They're pre-assembled, ready to apply, and bring consistent elegance to every blink. Ideal for those who are starting out or simply want to streamline their process, pre-mades ensure efficiency without sacrificing grace. It's like having a perfectly tailored dress that requires minimal adjustments.

Why stop at just one trick up your lash sleeve? Many lash artisans take the plunge into mastering both techniques. This dual mastery allows you to switch gears effortlessly, adapting to different client preferences. One day, you're crafting a bespoke look with handmade fans for someone who craves a personalised touch, and the next, you're delivering speed and consistency with pre-made fans for the client on the go. This versatility sets you up as the go-to lash guru, offering an array of options and creating an atmosphere where every lash whim can be fulfilled.

In the realm of lashes, your mastery isn't limited to one technique – it's about transforming clients' dreams into reality, no matter their style, timeline, or desire. It's your canvas, and you've got every shade of lash creativity at your fingertips! 🎨👁️‍🗨️

So... what are the pros and cons of pre-made VS hand-made? 

Handmade Fans:


  1. Customisation: Handmade fans offer greater flexibility in creating a customised look tailored to each client's preferences.
  2. Volume Control: Lash artists can adjust the volume and density more precisely, allowing for a natural or dramatic look.
  3. Artistic Expression: Creating handmade fans allows for artistic creativity and unique lash designs.
  4. Client Satisfaction: Clients often appreciate the personalised touch and the ability to achieve their desired lash style.
  5. Skill Showcase: Mastering handmade fans showcases a higher level of expertise, setting lash artists apart in the industry.
  6. Premium Pricing: Due to the skill and time involved, lash artists can often charge higher prices for handmade fans.


  1. Time-Consuming: Crafting handmade fans is a meticulous process that can be time-consuming, extending appointment durations.
  2. Learning Curve: The technique requires significant practice and training to achieve consistent and quality results.
  3. Fatigue: The intricate process of creating fans can be physically demanding on the lash artist's hands and eyes.

Pre-Made Fans:


  1. Time Efficiency: Pre-made fans are quicker to apply, reducing overall appointment time.
  2. Consistency: Pre-made fans are factory-made and often have a consistent appearance and symmetry.
  3. Beginner-Friendly: They are often recommended for novice lash artists as they require less skill to apply compared to handmade fans.
  4. Reduced Fatigue: Applying pre-made fans can be less physically taxing than creating fans from scratch.


  1. Limited Customisation: Pre-made fans come in standard sizes and styles, limiting the ability to create unique looks.
  2. Volume Control: Since pre-made fans are already assembled, there's less control over volume and density.
  3. Artistic Limitations: Lash artists have less room for artistic expression compared to handmade fans.
  4. Less Premium Look: Some clients may perceive pre-made fans as less natural-looking than handmade fans.
  5. Potential Sensitivity: Pre-made fans can have a thicker base, potentially causing discomfort or damage if not applied correctly.
  6. Cost: You could spend hundreds of dollars trying to find a pre-made fan you like


Ultimately, the choice between handmade fans and pre-made fans depends on the lash artist's skill level, the desired outcome, and the client's preferences. Lash artists often choose to master both techniques to provide a range of options and accommodate different clients' needs.

Want to learn how to create hand-made fans like a pro? Visit our Volume hand made course page and enrol today!