Why a one day course won’t cut it – A true horror story.

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In this day and age it is common for people to have a #sidehustle. We all love a little extra income and especially if it means you can afford that holiday or that new coat you’ve been eyeing off. However, regardless of your determination to be cashed up, you should not risk it at the expense of your clients health and safety.

Tash and her lashing experience: I was a victim to the #sidehustle, and I say victim based on it scarred me for life. I haven’t looked at a pair of tweezers the same ever since. I genuinely feel ill when I think about the ramifications of claiming to be an eyelash technician without thorough training.

This was going back six years ago, and I had just caught word of the new cosmetic treatment known as eyelash extensions.
A friend had started doing treatments from her living room and was slowly but surely drumming up business. I can’t even remember what she was charging for a full set because I’ve tried to suppress the memory of those entrepreneurial days. However, I do remember she was roughly doubling her wage per-week from the comfort of her home. Sounds ideal, right? Well, it was for a 21 year old that wanted to make extra cash, and fast! My friend agreed to come over and teach me the techniques of lashing. I offered a free set to one of my friends and after 2.5 hours I was a “qualified” lash artist. Look, it’s definitely not one of my proudest moments and when I look back I wish someone had given me a rough shake and said, “It’s people’s eyes we’re talking about, you think 2.5 hours cuts it?”. But, no one did, and away I went lashing.

So, what went wrong? I managed to glue a bottom lash to a top lash! I panicked, almost cried and tried to keep it together while my client was nonetheless wiser. It was only until I asked her to open her eyes so I could pry them apart did she realised they were glued together. It was horrific to say the least. I literally had to get two set of tweezers and pull them apart whilst her eyes were wide open. I was immensely apologetic and she was way too nice and forgiving, and I managed to pull it together to finish the set (somehow).

I guess this seems to have finished on a high note? Especially considering there are much worse horror stories of infection and even permanent damage. I just say I’m lucky. And, based on the lack of education, knowledge and experience I well and truly could’ve been one of those people that had damaged someone sight for life.

Moral of the story: Tash was so kindly willing to share her story, one that most people would never admit. But, there is a valuable lesson amongst the horror – that thorough, extensive and well-versed training is a must. It will not only amount to better results for your clients, but also a confidence that will see you in the business for longer.

In a space that is full of quick cash and quick business, it is hard to know where to look sometimes. After having a chat with Tash, she wishes someone had told her to go and do an extensive course – “I would totally still be lashing today if I was taught the right techniques. There is no price on expert advice and thorough education.”

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Relaxing an over-processed Lash Lift

Relaxing an over-processed Lash Lift

Let us set the scene.. You have processed your clients stunning lash lift.. you followed all the steps and they walked out with dreamy lashes…. Next morning you wake to a panicked client who is saying her lashes are over curled and crazyyyy.. meanwhile you’re over here like ‘hold up lady I did a perfect lash lift’.

Well here is the thing… Everyone’s lashes has a different amount of disulphide bonds. These are the bonds that hold the keratin in the hair together to make a strand. In lash lifting we break these bonds. When we break these bonds we weaken the hair.

Meaning they become dehydrated and hold a whole lot of water after we rinse, in-fact they can take up to 12 hours to fully dry and up to 48 for the hairs natural PH to re-balance! Ever noticed the clients lashes sometimes spring up a little the day after their lift?

So now to tackle the drama your client doesn’t want in her lashes?

Step 1.

Be a professional. I have heard of technicians crying on the phone to their clients when this has happened. its your job to keep your head!

Step 2.

Explain we all have different hair structure and it seems like this client in particular takes very well to the product. Then note you can completely reverse the treatment! Yep you sure can.

Step 3.

Rebook the client for a relaxation. This is done by using a mascara brush with solution one rolling through the backs of the lashes pulling the lashes out straight to the tips for 1 to 2 minutes. Remove solution one then repeat with solution two for 1 minute. rinse. dry with a fan and repeat if necessary. Be aware tint will be stripped in this process.


Now Breath your a pro and you have got this!

For a more detailed explanation you can purchase our relaxation unit with manual and video for just $29.95.

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Checking for Stickies

Checking for Stickies

Stickies… Yep those tiny little baby hairs that attach themselves to the extensions. Most sets had above 6 stickies! Yes 6!! We have come to realise that students have been very much let down in checking their own stickies over the years.

After judging at many eyelash competitions, stickies is often the number one reason you will lose points in competitions!!

So here it is, the judges method of checking for stickies:

Leaving sticks will result in damage to the natural lashes so you must ensure you sift through the lashes for obvious stickies then use an advanced method to check. Please note this is only for advanced technicians who have steady hands and brilliant tweezer control!


Hold the tweezers parallel to the lash line, weave tweezers through the lash line, gently move tweezers from the lash line and if you feel a pull you have found a sticky. NEVER point the tweezers into the eyes.

Lash Vision Academy believes in the HIGHEST quality training and safety education in the lash industry. We go above and beyond to educate you on how to maintain a long career with clients who can have lashes for life!