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6 . June . 2021


8 : 30 am – 5 : 30 pm

Ashleigh Lacocia, Lash conference, 2021, Melbourne, speaker


Topic: Building a social media presence

As a positive and creative Lash Stylist and entrepreneur with a passion for everything beauty, Ashleigh Lacorcia, the founder and Educator at Ashleigh Lacorcia Lash Academy is here to change not only the lash industry but her students’ lives!

Ashleigh has been in the Lash industry for over 9 years and with all of her experience Ashleigh wants to share it with all that are passionate about the Lash world. Ashleigh has built a business from the ground up starting out as a solo lash stylist, she understand what it takes to make an exceptional last stylist and a successful business women.

Having a salon with over 300 clients, multiple stuff members Ashleigh has been a part of each step to create multiple successful businesses and is here to share all her knowledge with her students!

Ashleigh first discovered my interest in educating other when being approached by multiple lash stylists already in the industry wanting to know how she created amazing lashes with my unique techniques and built a successful business, Ashleigh felt that there was a need for more education to help strengthen the Lash world and from there more and more wanted to be a part of this evolving industry. Ashleigh wanted to share her story and how lashing changed her life, from working a 9-5 job that she disliked with no flexibility to be able to create the life she wanted to being her own boss working the hours she wanted and experiencing the financial freedom from running your own successful lash business.

Finding her passion to teach all that she knows, it has provided the lash world with amazing lash stylist which warms her heart. Seeing the success of her students and the businesses they have built with her guidance and education is something to be proud of.

New Students, existing lash stylists and those who all share the same passion in Lash industry, come together in a truly memorable experience. Ashleigh provides you with comprehensive knowledge on how to achieve her signature flawless looks with unique techniques and the guidance’s on how to open and run a successful business.

Keilah and Jess, fame and feisty, Lash conference, 2021, Melbourne, speaker

Keilah and Jess

Topic: Killing it as a sole trader from home

Fame + Feisty is a Lash and Brow Academy based in Brisbane. Keilah (Lash Fame) and Jess (Feisty Beauty) came together to create intimate group training where they could give maximum one on one time to their students.

Keilah has spent 10 years working in Business Development and Corporate Training, she’s helped multiple businesses across Australia start and expand.

Jess has over 17 years experience in the Beauty Industry, 3 of those years spent training Beauty Therapy at a College in Brisbane.

Collectively they bring their skills and knowledge together to create industry leaders and give their students a support network that sets them up for success and enables them to reap the rewards our industry has to offer.

Kimberley Haworth, Lash conference, 2021, Melbourne, speaker

kimberley haworth

Topic: what they haven't told you about adhesive

Kimberley Haworth began lashing in 2009 she has dedicated her career to protecting the client and therapist spending much of her time researching ways to elevate the eyelash industry. Intern becoming a multi award winning artist/trainer, published artist and judge of international online/live competitions.

In 2016 Kimberley turned her unwavering passion into an internationally recognised conference Lash Vision, soon after being named 2nd most inspirational conference globally in 2017. Kimberley has hosted Six Lash Vision Conferences in Australia, New Zealand and South Korea reaching over 1000 attendees, spreading the message of a united, inspired and educated industry to all corners of the globe.

Bridgette Doherty, LBLA, lashbox, Lash conference, 2021, Melbourne, speaker

Brigette Doherty

Topic: m curl crazy and hollywood hybrid styling

Introducing Brigette Doherty, the Director of Lash Box LA Australia, and LBLA Australia’s National Master Educator. With over 12 years industry experience, a passion for perfect lash application, and a dedication to delivering the finest lash education with up to date international standards, Brigette’s Advanced Mega Volume training, styling lessons & technique advancement masterclasses are sure to ignite your spark for knowledge.

Delivering only the latest in innovation and information in our niche of the beauty industry, now offering Australian Lash Queens the magical combination of LBLA’s lash application training and the very best luxury lash supplies available on our shores.

If you’re dreaming of offering your clients density without damage, retention without risk to the health of their natural lashes and supercharging your application speed without sacrificing quality, Lash Box LA Australia is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Let Brigette show you the magical world of Lash Box LA, where you can exceed your clients’ expectations, make lash dreams come true and sparkle on like the true Lash Goddess you are, her sole purpose to deliver you the skills of safe advanced application of high fashion LA lash styling.

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