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Fan Excellence Online


Online course Official Launch date September 16th

Kit will be sent on sign up…
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Lash now, Pay Later!

Creating the perfect fan can seem daunting! Creating a seamless even set of lashes often feels impossible! Lash Vision is here to dissect, step by step how to achieve the perfect fan and balance in your volume applications. We are lifting the curtain on the industries secrets to allow you to create the dream lash line. Every single element will be revealed in our ground breaking Fan Excellence course.

Students should already have learnt volume lashes


Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to The perfect Fan
  • How to set up your lash tray
  • All about your Volume Lashes
    All about your Volume Tweezers
  • How to hold your tweezers correctly
  • Direction – perfecting placement
  • Narrow vs Wide fan
  • Creating Balance in your applications
    LV Fanning Technique
  • Attachment
  • To wrap or not to wrap
  • Pick-up Technique
  • How to achieve pointy bases
  • Adhesive dipping technique
  • Fan practice techniques

And more…

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  • Lifetime access to the course
  • 1 x Visionary Volume Tweezer
  • 1 x Elementary Volume Tray
  • Free Shipping over $30 on products for life
  • Certificate on completion and assessment
  • Access to our student support group

Volume Tweezers, eyelash, extensions, rose, gold, tools

PRE-SALE $299 save $100!
$399 after sale

(only 40 seats!)

Online course Official Launch date September 16th
Kit will be sent on sign up

Disclaimer ** we use all lash vision tools in demonstrations and explanations

Enrol today and receive ongoing LIFETIME support from highly qualified Lash Vision certified trainers!