Lash Lifting is one of THE HOTTEST treatments in the beauty industry today.

This fast and easy treatment provides WOW factor results that has EVERYONE wanting to come back time and time again!

Learn & work from home in no time, earning a great income and enjoying what you do.

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Lash Lifting may be your first step into the lash world, or a skill you want to add to your expertise. Either way, a career in lashes can be rewarding on so many levels.

– I would love to work for myself, but have no idea what to do?
– I’m tired of the 9 to 5 hustle
– I would love to earn some extra money, doing something I love
– I wish I could work smarter, not harder

– A flexible lifestyle where you can choose the hours that suit you
– A qualification in the highest demand treatment in beauty therapy
– Applications done in as little as 45 minutes
– A Brilliant revenue
– Clients you love will absolutely adore this treatment, coming back time and time again!


Our online course is fully certified and teaches you the science behind the lift, acceleration of lash application, finding your authentic brand and continued coaching. The best part… you get to do it in your own time, whether it be in the comfort of your own home or on the go – you have the flexibility to choose!

Lash Lifting is an incredibly diverse treatment that allows us to lift and elongate our client’s lashes. Done by a process called reduction we are able to break down the natural structure of the hair and reshape the natural lash into a curled lifted lash line.

This often creates the illusion of longer lashes, as it reveals the clients true natural lash potential. In reverse, we can also uncurl naturally over curled clients lashes and create new found ‘length’ in their lash line.

Lash Lifts can be completed in as little at 20 minutes or up to an hour, with most client’s appointments taking 45 minutes.

With the ability to last 6 to 8 weeks, lash lifting is a low maintenance, no fuss treatment for clients. Filling a gap in the market for clients that are unsuitable for eyelash extensions or simply do not want a high maintenance beauty routine.

Once you have enrolled to Lift Life online, you will be sent a student log-in where you will be able to access the video demonstrations and online manuals.

This course has been broken down into 12 units and includes business content beyond lash lifting to help you get started in your business, find your unique brand, how to structure your pricing, photographing your work and more!

Topics Covered:

  • Product Knowledge
  • Health and Safety
  • Respect for the Eyes
  • Hair Structure
  • The Science behind the Lift
  • Consultation & Contraindication
  • Lash Lift Application
  • Tinting Application
  • Relaxing a Lift
  • Photography
  • Pricing
  • Your unique branding

Case Study:

On completion of Lift Life online you will be required to submit 6 case studies for review. Upon approval you will be awarded as a certified Lash Lift technician and receive a Lash Vision Certificate.

While you have lifetime access to Lash Lift online we require case studies to be submitted within 6 months from enrolment date.

Your Lash Career is only a few steps away!

Your Lash Lift Training comes complete with your online Student log-in which includes;

  • LIFE TIME access to our comprehensive online training, complete with 12 units
  • Certificate upon completion (6 months to complete)
  • Lash Lift & Tint application videos with audio by Kimberley Haworth
  • Online Videos, manuals, learning materials and print outs
  • LIFETIME access to our online Facebook community & hotline with ongoing support
  • A coach to mentor you to success while you work through mastering your case studies
  • FREE Shipping from the Lash Vision shop on all products (For orders over $30 & Australian residents only)
  • 10% OFF all future courses at Lash Vision Academy
  • PLUS Your choice of Lash Lift and Tint Kits (Australian residents only)

The Salon discount training includes full access to our comprehensive 12 unit Lash Lift Online course as outlined below, with additional / individual staff certificate upon completion.

LIFE TIME access to our comprehensive online training, complete with 12 units for ALL enrolled staff members
– Certificate upon completion (6 months to complete)
– Lash Lift & Tint application videos with audio by Kimberley Haworth
– Online Manual, learning materials and print outs
LIFETIME access to our online Facebook community & hotline with ongoing support
BONUS brow tinting video
10% OFF all future courses at Lash Vision Academy

Price for first staff member is $349.30 + $150 for every additional student. This is a massive saving of $199.30 for every additional staff member!

*This is for online training only and does not include any kits.


Who is this training suitable for?
Our Lash Lift online training has been designed for beginners who are new to the industry, right through to experienced Lash Artists / Beauty Therapists looking to offer a new service or improve their skills.

Do I need a kit to start?
While you don’t need a kit to study online, you will need one to practise and perform lash lift applications. To become certified you are required to submit 6 case studies of your applications.

Do you offer in person Lash Lift training?
Occasionally we will hold Lash Lift in person training days in addition to online. Click HERE to express your interest.


Have other questions? We would love to answer them! CONTACT US NOW



Base Training: No Kit

Perfect for those who already have access to Lash Lift products!  

*Please note you must have lash lift products to practise the application and submit your case studies for certification


Kit 1: Lash Lift Kit Valued at $208.90

This kit comes with everything you need for a lash lift application.
This includes Elleebana’s One Shot Lash Lift Kit (valued at $179) containing:
  • 30 perm & 30 neutraliser sachets
  • Combo pack of Silicone Rods
  • Lash Perming Glue
  • Belma Remove
  • Application brush
  • Stainless steel lash lifter
PLUS 10 under eye gel pads and bulk pack of micro brushes (valued at $29.90)


Kit 2: Lash Lift & Tint Kit (Valued at $327.10)

This kit comes with everything you need for a lash lift application AND lash tint.

This kit comes with everything in Kit 1 PLUS:

  • 2 in 1 mixing dish
  • Belmacil Paper eye shields
  • Belmacil Under eye guard
  • Belmacil #1 Black tint
  • Belmacil #2 Black/Blue Tint
  • Belma-Shield Under eye balm
  • Belmacil Oxydant
  • Hand Ring Light

Why train with Lash Vision?

At Lash Vision you are not just another name on our list, we take pride in all our students and support you from start right through your career. 

Our reviews speak for themselves… Great training = Great results

Our students walk away with the knowledge and confidence to perform an eyelash application and perfect it!

Having an online support group and following all of our students social media accounts, we make sure you are on the right track and continue to guide and point you in the right direction to success! 

Not to mention our certified trainers come highly educated and skilled and winning multiple awards for their work. 

We can guarantee you’re in good hands with Lash Vision Academy!

Student Work


'Lift Life Online gave me the opportunity to introduce a new service to clients, I grew my clientele by offering something for those who couldn’t have extensions.'

'Being part of the Lift Life support group is wonderful as I know I have somewhere to turn to for help and where I can talk with other students like myself and share tips.'
- Kendall S
'Introducing lash lifts to my business meant I could work more because it's not as hard on my body physically compared to eyelash extensions, which resulted in more income'.
- Sally H
'I just completed the lash lift and tint course and i was blown away with how much knowledge and professionalism these ladies had! I was hesitant to do a course online but the videos and information provided are so in depth and you can go back and re-watch and re-read all the information which helped tremendously! I will 100% be doing another course with Lash Vision in the future!!'
- Kayla C
'I completed my Lash Lifting course online through Lash Vision and was honestly blown away! The videos and information provided are so detailed and the amount of support is incredible! Was definitely apprehensive about doing a course online but I genuinely feel that it was worth the money! Highly recommend.'
- Marina C
'I have done the lash lift online course through Lash vision academy & couldn't recommend it enough... I have come out feeling so confident in my lash lifts! Thank you for such a detailed course that made it so easy to learn.'
- Stephanie L
'I did the lash lifting course, and highly recommend lash vision, I felt very confident after completing the course the on going support has been amazing, it’s not one of those courses where when you finish that’s it, Kimberley and her team are always there to help and answer any questions.'
- Kelly M

Start your Lash Journey today and receive ongoing LIFETIME support from highly qualified Lash Vision certified trainers!