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Glue is a topic we could discuss for HOURS!!

There is so much to consider when it comes to eyelash extension adhesive, from buying the right glue, how to use it, how to store it and what causes certain reactions and effects the way you work with it.

Our recent Instagram poll touched base on just a fraction of glue topics… see below for just some of the facts glue.

Which is more important.. Humidity or temperature?


With temperature you have a very small window of 18-22 degrees.

If the temperature goes over 22 degrees… your glue will simply be no good and if the temperature drops below 18 degree your glue will also struggle. 

While if the humidity is too low, then the glue will just take a bit longer to set and if its higher you will need to speed it up and work faster. 

Our glue that we have coming in soon (exciting) works between 30-70% humidity. But like all glue, the small window for temperature is just 18-22 degrees!!


Putting fresh glue near old glue will effect your retention


If your old glue is near your new glue the polymerisation process will effect the new adhesive and will speed up the polymerisation of the new adhesive. This is particularly relevant if you have old polymerised glue on the tip of your glue bottles, which will effect your new drop of glue. To prevent this, make sure you use new glue nozzles or they are kept clean. 

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All glues are the same and marketing is the only difference


While marketing can sometimes be misleading, glue can have different grades… there is cosmetic and medical, then there are different acrylates and manufactures that use different levels. Some are better quality, more pure, while others have more additives or more dilution. So it CAN be marketing, but if you go for a reputable company who really care about the adhesive they’re using, then they will most likely be going for a high quality adhesive.


Want to know more about glue and other topics that effect retention? 

Join Lash Vision founder Kimberley Haworth in our upcoming Webinar that takes you though troubleshooting all your summer retention issues!

Cost: $99
Date: November 30th @ 12pm (AEST)

Measuring Eyelash Extension Lash Diameter

Unpopular Opinion:

Why you should NOT buy your lash products from overseas

Do you agree or disagree?

Join Kimberley Haworth as she explains why we agree with this unpopular opinion!

If you buy any product from an international company who is not registered here in Australia, you are no longer insured!! What does that mean…??

View the video to find out more!


Measuring Eyelash Extension Lash Diameter

Measuring Eyelash Extension Lash Diameter

At Lash Vision we test the diameter on every batch of lash trays, this is to ensure we are supplying you with accurate and high quality product. 

This is just one of the processes in choosing our lashes.

Why do we do this? Well firstly, so you don’t have to! When you order a product from us, we want you to get exactly what you ordered, that is the highest quality that is ready to use. 

Watch our video to see what we do, why we do it and how it works!


Washed vs Unwashed Eyelash Extensions

Unwashed vs Washed Eyelash Extensions

Join Kimberley Haworth as she experiments with her volume eyelash extensions, not washing them for over 24 hours! 

We are all about education at Lash Vision and here you can see the importance in eyelash extension aftercare, and how important it is to wash those lashes! 

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Volume Tray & Lash Tips

Volume Lash & Tray tips

With the upcoming release of our Volume lash trays this Friday 14th August, Lash Vision’s Kimberley Haworth gets online to let you in on some tray & fan tips!

The do’s and dont’s, brushing the lashes, using your tweezers on lash strips, lash strip adhesive and hygiene!

This short 3 minute video is well worth the watch and will have you changing up the way you handle your lash strips.   

Adhesive Blooming

Has your glue ever gone white in the lash line? Join LV founder @kimberley_haworth as she explains why!

This short clip is all about polymerisation. It is what we call rapid polymerisation, ideally meaning that the glue is setting too fast.

This can be due to a few reasons;

  1. Too much glue and that the glue is setting slowly, getting more exposure to moisture and it is blooming and becoming a weak bond.
  2. It could be due to the adhesive coming in contact with moisture from the eye, so the eye could be weeping, touching the adhesive and causing it to bloom.
  3. Thirdly it could be balmy with lots of moisture in your room…. while unlikely… it could be the cause.

Head to our IGTV post below to watch the short video!

Kimberley’s Interview By Allie Kok

Interview: Kimberley Haworth ARLA and Lash Vision Academy

Australia International Beauty and Eyelash Extensions Competition with Aniya Thuntishar Founder of the event

Interviewer Allie Kok Le Lash Boutique Academy

Event by ELIA Melbourne International Eyelash Extensions Competition 20.2.2020 Organising Committee Aniya Thuntishar Piwatpatsharaguin

Sponsors: LocksLash Australia, Lash Vision, Le Beauty, London Lash Pro, Vie Lashes, CeeCees Beauty & Training, TLBB Academy of Beauty, The Lash Beauty Bar, Le Le Beauty Academy WorldCosmedic.com and Manami Lashes Event by ELIA Melbourne International Eyelash Extensions Competition 20.2.2020 Organising Committee Aniya Thuntishar Piwatpatsharaguin

Sponsors: LocksLash Australia, Lash Vision, Le Beauty, London Lash Pro, Vie Lashes, CeeCees Beauty & Training, TLBB Academy of Beauty, The Lash Beauty Bar, Le Le Beauty Academy WorldCosmedic.com and Manami Lashes

In this interview find out;

  • A bit more about Kimberley
  • How she started in this industry How she has come to where she is now. 
  • What direction Kimberley wants the industry to follow. 
  • Why she loves the industry
  • Techniques & Skills achieved
  • Kimberley’s most important Lash Knowledge
  • Growing the business
  • Industry changes & improvements 

Home eyelash extension removal

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STOP!!!! DO NOT remove or recommend home removal of eyelash extensions at home!

STOP! COLLABORATE & LISTEN…. Lash Vision’s here with a brand new edition.

Something grabs a hold of me tightly
picking pulling daily and nightly
Will it ever stop?
Yo, I don’t know

Turn off the lights and I’ll grow..
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it

Let them drop drop ladies
Let them drop drop ladies
Let them drop drop ladies

In all seriousness picking, pulling, oil removals all come with some risks. Let’s go over some important FACTs that we all need to live by.

  1. Picking or pulling lashes can cause traction alopecia or damaged follicles. What that means is up to 90 days of bald patches, if not permanent damage! It can also cause the follicle to be damaged in a way that the lashes will grow back in different directions eg, downwards!
  2. Oil removal. PLEASE we BEG you stop recommending this! Oil can breed bacteria and the fact is many clients will grab the oil straight out of their pantry. Oil removals can cause infection, blocked follicles and promote early lash loss.
  3. Remover. Do us a quick favour…. Take a look at the bottle it will read FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY… need we say more
  4. Cutting. Eek please do not put sharp objects near your eyes, cutting extensions is not safe and can lead to lashes being trimmed.

Most importantly please remember, in this time you are still the professional and advice you give you are liable for.. yes that means damaged lashes are on you, eye infections are on you… any negative side effect cause by the recommended removal is ON YOU! So what is the best removal? Let lashes do what they do best, grow. Promote your growth serums for during lash loss but remember they are temporary. Post lash loss Elleevate and Elleeplex are brilliant products for lash health.

With your business safety in mind,
The Lash Vision Team XX

Why a one day course won’t cut it – A true horror story.

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In this day and age it is common for people to have a #sidehustle. We all love a little extra income and especially if it means you can afford that holiday or that new coat you’ve been eyeing off. However, regardless of your determination to be cashed up, you should not risk it at the expense of your clients health and safety.

Tash and her lashing experience: I was a victim to the #sidehustle, and I say victim based on it scarred me for life. I haven’t looked at a pair of tweezers the same ever since. I genuinely feel ill when I think about the ramifications of claiming to be an eyelash technician without thorough training.

This was going back six years ago, and I had just caught word of the new cosmetic treatment known as eyelash extensions.
A friend had started doing treatments from her living room and was slowly but surely drumming up business. I can’t even remember what she was charging for a full set because I’ve tried to suppress the memory of those entrepreneurial days. However, I do remember she was roughly doubling her wage per-week from the comfort of her home. Sounds ideal, right? Well, it was for a 21 year old that wanted to make extra cash, and fast! My friend agreed to come over and teach me the techniques of lashing. I offered a free set to one of my friends and after 2.5 hours I was a “qualified” lash artist. Look, it’s definitely not one of my proudest moments and when I look back I wish someone had given me a rough shake and said, “It’s people’s eyes we’re talking about, you think 2.5 hours cuts it?”. But, no one did, and away I went lashing.

So, what went wrong? I managed to glue a bottom lash to a top lash! I panicked, almost cried and tried to keep it together while my client was nonetheless wiser. It was only until I asked her to open her eyes so I could pry them apart did she realised they were glued together. It was horrific to say the least. I literally had to get two set of tweezers and pull them apart whilst her eyes were wide open. I was immensely apologetic and she was way too nice and forgiving, and I managed to pull it together to finish the set (somehow).

I guess this seems to have finished on a high note? Especially considering there are much worse horror stories of infection and even permanent damage. I just say I’m lucky. And, based on the lack of education, knowledge and experience I well and truly could’ve been one of those people that had damaged someone sight for life.

Moral of the story: Tash was so kindly willing to share her story, one that most people would never admit. But, there is a valuable lesson amongst the horror – that thorough, extensive and well-versed training is a must. It will not only amount to better results for your clients, but also a confidence that will see you in the business for longer.

In a space that is full of quick cash and quick business, it is hard to know where to look sometimes. After having a chat with Tash, she wishes someone had told her to go and do an extensive course – “I would totally still be lashing today if I was taught the right techniques. There is no price on expert advice and thorough education.”

If you want to learn more about volume training click here

Need to or want to get to the basics? Learn classic lashes click here

Learn from the comfort of your own home with lash lifting online

Design Tips

Design Tips – An intro to Canva

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Are you in need of a good design program that is easy to use and can help bring your instagram, facebook posts and/or marketing material to life?

If you haven’t heard of Canva I strongly urge you to get onto it NOW! Canva is available on both desktop and as a smartphone/tablet app, super easy to use and has LOADS of free features – such as templates, graphics, backgrounds, icons, fonts and more!

PLUS it is super easy to use (even for those who are not so computer savvy and don’t have an eye for design).

This is a great alternative to those who don’t have access or know how to use platforms such as photoshop, illustrator and the like. And if you do have these programs, Canva is still a very useful tool for quick and easy designs as well as inspiration!

Before you get designing, make sure you know your brand and what you want your overall image to look like – otherwise you may end up with a beautiful mess!

Do you want some tips on how your social media profile looks and what you can do to get improve your brand image? Head to our instagram account and find the ‘DESIGN TIPS’ post and comment ‘love design tips’.

Visit Canva: https://www.canva.com/

Visit our Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/lashvisionacademy/