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Thanks for visiting the Lash Vision Academy page for Classic and Volume eyelash extension training, as well as our Lash Lift & Tint Online Course. We look forward to supporting you throughout your lash journey and guiding you to become the BEST Lash Artist and Business Lash Babe possible!

  • Classic Eyelash Course

    Learn how to create lash extensions with our classic eyelash extension online course.

    Perfect for beginners, this course gives you an introduction to the industry and gives you all the tools to start and build your business from the ground up.


  • Volume Eyelash Course

    Compiled from our Award Winning comprehensive curriculum, our volume eyelash extension course will teach you how to create beautiful fans and full fluffy dense lash sets that clients will love! If you have learnt classic, this course is the next step for you!


  • Lash Lift & Tint Online Course

    Lash Lift & Tinting is a perfect course to introduce you to the lash industry. If you are looking for a low cost course, that is easy to learn and can offer you a great income, lash lift and tint training is for you. If you are already in the beauty industry, this is a service your should offer your clients!


Bundle & Save

Bundle our online Classic & Volume Eyelash Extension Courses and save!

You will learn the basics and fundamentals of classic lash applications and then move on to more advance techniques - which include making beautiful, fluffy fans that will have you swooning for days!

  • Classic Up-Skill Eyelash Extension Course

    Are you trained in Eyelash Extensions but want to fill in the gaps? Lash Vision's online classic up-skill eyelash extension course will have you perfecting your skills and creating beautiful lash sets in no time!


  • Volume Up-Skill Eyelash Extension Course

    Our online volume up-skill eyelash extension course is designed to help you truly master your volume and get the lash sets you've always wanted!

    If you want to fill in the missing gaps, then look no further!


  • Comprehensive Training

    Our online course gives you 24/7 access and takes you through each process to give you adequate time to digest and then pass each unit through short quizzes and tests to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding. These courses can be completed 100% online, or you have the option to come in for half day or 2 full day one on one private training.

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    Lifetime Support

    Once you have completed your online components there is an intensive assessment. This comes with full support and feedback so you can continue your applications to the highest standard, ensuring you are on the right track to success! Plus we're not just here during the training phase, but to support you for LIFE!

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    Become Certified

    Our goal at Lash Vision is to produce highly educated and certified lash artists that are not just applying stunning eyelash extensions, but are safe and sustainable and will have clients for years to come.

    This means we are here to support you every step of the way, not just during training, but for LIFE!

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In Person Training Dates

Find out more about our in-person eyelash extension training locations, available dates and book in your spot at one of our locations in Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide.

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    Certified Training

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    Award Winning Academy

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    Qualified Trainers

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    Comprehensive Curriculum

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    Curriculum that exceeds government standards

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    Lifetime Support

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    24/7 Access

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    Flexible Payments

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  • lash vision, 5, star, review, products, high, quality

    Look no further ! Kim is an amazing trainer, I highly recommend lash vision, Kim is professional and extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of lashing, whether you are just starting in the beauty industry or wanting to up-skill, Kim guides you through all the steps and will continue supporting you on your lash journey. Thank-you Kim for going above and beyond.

    Lesley Shea

  • lash vision, 5, star, review, products, high, quality

    I did the Empire Integrated course and I was really amazed with just how much information is provided both online and in person. Every area of the course is done in depth which made it easier for me to get a better understanding of lashing as a whole.

    Kiera Noble

  • lash vision, 5, star, review, products, high, quality

    Absolutely amazing! Love training with lash vision! So supportive and super friendly! Have also ordered products through lash vision and they are the best quality and from ordering to being shipped is so fast!

    Brittnay Henningsend

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  • lash vision, 5, star, review, products, high, quality

    'I am addicted to learning about my craft. Doing a Lash Vision Course had been on my radar for quite some time and they did not disappoint! Kimberly is so passionate about the industry and her clear step by step directions and details made it super easy to learn. If you are a beginner or even more advanced I guarantee you will get huge results!'

    Liz Cat

  • lash vision, 5, star, review, products, high, quality

    I was sceptical of doing an online course and after talking to Kimberley on the phone and her suggesting I start with the lash lift course I’m so happy I did! Kimberley was more than happy to answer all my questions, the course has everything you need and the ongoing support is amazing.

    Kristy Lane

  • lash vision, 5, star, review, products, high, quality

    I trained at several other academy’s before I found here. And the difference is like no other! The knowledge, support and confidence I left with is hard to compete with. I cannot recommend Lash Vision enough to anyone wanting to start a lash career or up-skill their existing!! Kira Mallick

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