An elite training program that will teach you advanced skills and techniques to create flawless volume lash sets.



Volume is an advanced technique where 2 or more lash extensions are picked up to create a fan. Experience with Classic eyelash applications is essential.

Training volume with Lash Vision is a unique education program that will elevate your skillset and knowledge to create full, luxurious dense lash sets that are sustainable for long term wear.


In person training incorporates our online course together with an in-depth, one on one, private hands on class. This training is all about you and you will be coached to build up your confidence in applications, guidance in techniques and additional assistance that will increase your knowledge and skills.

1 Day Training will build up your confidence in applications, guidance in techniques and provide you with additional assistance.

2 Day Training will give you an under the microscope KICK START to your applications and help you to gain the confidence and skills to really take it to the next level!


Our Volume Eyelash Extension course is an advanced education program that covers the following key topics:
  • Regulations & Hygiene
  • Eye & Hair Anatomy
  • Adhesive Knowledge, glue use & attachment
  • Consultation & Contraindications
  • Customised lash styling and mapping
  • Application Tools; Isolation & Hand hold
  • Sustainable lashing
  • Volume design using the Lash Vision signature method
  • Fan practice techniques
  • Retention
  • Advanced layering for density
  • Business modules including pricing, marketing, social media, inventory & purchasing stock
  • Extensive hands-on practise

What's in the Kit?

Full Volume Kit is valued at $500 and includes:

-6 Elementary Volume lash Trays including; 0.07 C, CC & D curl

-Mixed 6mm to 12mm and 0.05 C, CC & D curl Mixed 6mm to 12mm 

-Clear Vision Lash Adhesive


-10x Lash Cosy Foam Eye Pads

-Primer & Remover

-Visionary Volume Tweezers

-Visionary Classic Tweezers

-Visionary Scissors

-Visionary Mirror

-Eye make up remover

-Lash Vision lash bag

-Silicon Lash Tray

-Pro made volume sheet

-Practise Tray

-Practise Lashes

-Phone ring light


When you enrol in a course at Lash Vision, you're not just another student - you are part of the Lash Vision family where you will receive unparalleled support in the industry and receive all updates and future changes to our course.

We strive for student success and have found our lifetime support has been crucial to past students success.


Start your journey today and begin a new career in lashing that will have you working flexible hours with incredible income potential!

Schedule a 15 minute discovery call with CEO & Founder Kimberley Haworth to see if this is the right course for you!



An elite training program compiled from our Award Winning comprehensive curriculum.

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  • lash vision, 5, star, review, products, high, quality

    Look no further ! Kim is an amazing trainer, I highly recommend lash vision, Kim is professional and extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of lashing, whether you are just starting in the beauty industry or wanting to up-skill, Kim guides you through all the steps and will continue supporting you on your lash journey. Thank-you Kim for going above and beyond.

    Lesley Shea

  • lash vision, 5, star, review, products, high, quality

    I did the Empire Integrated course and I was really amazed with just how much information is provided both online and in person. Every area of the course is done in depth which made it easier for me to get a better understanding of lashing as a whole.

    Kiera Noble

  • lash vision, 5, star, review, products, high, quality

    Absolutely amazing! Love training with lash vision! So supportive and super friendly! Have also ordered products through lash vision and they are the best quality and from ordering to being shipped is so fast!

    Brittnay Henningsend

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