Lash Vision Webinar

Effectively Managing Summer Retention

Effectively Managing Summer Retention:

It’s here!! The time of year that gets many lash artist feeling overwhelmed and let down. Not only is it the busiest time of year, but it’s also the time of year we see lash artists struggle the most with their retention. 

If you have thought ‘I am doing everything the same’ or ‘my room conditions are perfect’, you will walk away with a new confidence when it comes to summer retention! 

You may be located where you are coming in to summer or wanting to prepare for it. This webinar is for EVERYONE and covers both classic & volume techniques. 

Join Lash Vision founder Kimberley Haworth as she takes you though troubleshooting all your summer retention issues, to make 2021 the year retention doesn’t burn you. Can you afford another year of free refills?

* In this webinar Kimberley states glue shakers need up to 60 seconds. She is always happy to state when she is wrong and after further research she can say 15 seconds is an adequate amount of time using these machines.