Hobart, TAS

Jess Eaton

Hold onto your lashes, because Jess is about to blow your mind with her lash expertise! This fabulous industry maven has soaked up knowledge, honed her skills, and discovered her true lash-loving self by jet-setting to conferences all over the globe.

She has graced the stages as a speaker, sharing her lash wisdom with fellow enthusiasts. But that's not all! Jess is not just a powerhouse on the conference circuit; she's also a top-notch lash mentor, shaping the talents of students near and far. And guess what? Lady Luck has sprinkled her lash journey with even more sparkle, as she's had the incredible fortune to train alongside the crème de la crème of lash artists.

So get ready to be dazzled, because Jess is here to take your lash game to new heights with her fun, professional, and engaging expertise!



91 Murray Street, Hobart, Tasmania

Get ready for lash magic in the heart of Hobart's vibrant city centre! Unleash your inner lash artist in this inspiring location.

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