Lash Vision Ambassador Program

Lash Vision - Lash Visionary

Our exclusive lash family of brand ambassadors 


Who is a Lash Visionary?

Lash Visionary’s are cutting edge, they evolve with the industry and ask the pressing question of why. They are eager and willing to continue learning. Lash Visionary’s look for more than just trends, they look for fact and define sustainable trends. They are progressive in mind set, strive for the highest standards, lead by example and elevate the industry. 


All eyes on you
  • A welcome pack
  • Starting discount of 20% off Lash Vision products and training (Elleebana/Belmacil not included)
  • Lash Community & Support on our exclusive Instagram account
  • Benefits Program
  • Advertising on Lash Vision Platforms
  • First Access to products and education
  • Exclusive quarterly webinars, networking events, Newsletters or educational seminars
  • No requirement for brand exclusivity or minimum spend 
  • VIP referral code
  • Benefits Program!
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What if I am not accepted?

Our incredible team will offer you feedback to help you work and you can try again.


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