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Elementary Volume Lash
Dayne Robinson

Elementary Volume Lash

I’ll never use another lash tape…

Pain free lash tape for even the most sensitive of clients, dare I say more.
Try this incredible product for yourself, you absolutely won’t regret it!

Elementary Volume Lash
Rachel Griffiths - Utterly Lashed
CC Curl 0.05mm Lashes 😍

I just love these so much. The highest quality extensions that are a very deep black, hold their curl and are so easy to fan. Super soft.

Lash Lift and Tint

This training has amazing in-depth information and video tutorials. I love the details assessment reviews, really helps with perfecting the lash lift. Also blown away with the constant support along the way. Highly recommend this training for beginners. I honestly thought there was no way I would perfect a lash lift and tint with online training and this course has exceeded my expectations x

What an amazing adhesive!

This adhesive is AMAZING! Works like a magnet to the lash and sets fans beautifully. All my clients have commented on their increased retention since I have been using it. It is super consistent on all my clients. I am loving the results using clear vision!

Nothing beats elementary lashes!

I truly can't fault these lashes. They're so soft, natural looking and even better to work with. My clients absolutely adore them!
The curl holds its shape, the colour is true black and they're sooo buttery to fan.

Silicon Lash Tape
sian evans
This is great stuff

I use this predominantly for holding saggy eyelid skin up, and pulling the eyelid outwards to open the inner eye area for best reaching and application.
It’s so gentle and you can literally tear one strip into 2 or even 3 mini strips so a little goes a long way.
This has been a bit of a game changer after 8 years of lashing without it.
What they said: you must try it!

Thank you so much Sian we are so glad you love this tape as much as we do! It really is a game changer.

One Shot Lash Lift system

The one shot system for lash lifts gives that perfect lift every time ❤️ I love it 😍 and always quick delivery from lash vision.

100% recommend

Super fast postage and beautiful quality products


I am currently 7 weeks into the 10 week business transformation course with Kim and MAN HAVE I LEARNT ALOT!
Kim has assisted and guided me in the correct direction and given me loads of tips and tricks in regard to hiring an employee- from transcripts, finding the correct wages and the whole policies and procedures booklet.
I’ve also learnt so much from the incredible weekly videos and assessments, from branding my business, social media help and really pinpointing my perfect clientele and why I do what I do- essentially my businesses mission statement.
I highly highly recommend doing this incredible course if you are starting your business or just feeling overwhelmed in general (me) because Kim and her beautiful ‘presence’ (air brackets cause it’s virtual 🤣) give you the determination and confidence that you actually CAN SUCCESSFULLY run your business!

Thanks Kim and all of the guest speakers for your insight and sharing your experience so that (hopefully) some of us don’t make those same mistakes with our business!


Such a comprehensive course with easy to understand information and videos that I can refer to again and again. I have learnt so much through Lash Vision and would recommend them to anyone!

Volume Eyelash Extension Up Skill Training
Best in the business

Over the years I’ve taken a number of lash courses to up my skill level but I can say with confidence that this course absolutely came out on top!
I still remember telling Kim very early on in the course how impressed I was at the level of detail. She is a master in the lash industry for a reason. I learnt SO much from taking this course. Its so amazing to refer back to whenever you need a refresher and absolutely love the on going support 😍

Super Soft!

BEST LASHES EVER!!! So easy to work with, super soft and look absolutely stunning! My clients have even commented they feel lighter and easier to sleep in. Do yourself and your clients a favour and try these lashes!

The best

I had a few 1:1 coaching sessions with Kim prior to starting the 10 week transformation and I am BLOWN away by how much more I have learnt and how much I am still to learn over the rest of this 10 week journey. Kim is a wealth of knowledge and has already totally transformed my business, starting from the ground up and building a really solid, strong base to work from. I cannot recommend her highly enough, EVERYONE can get something from this course, even if you think you are already on the ball (I thought I was until Kim totally turned my world upside down in the best way possible) i highly highly recommend!!

Extremely amazing value!

Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the 10 week transformation so far, it has some amazing content so far that is extremely useful as well as the 1:1 coaching, I can tell it is really going to help structure my business and many others to come! The support, knowledge and organisation from the program is amazing, I highly recommend


Kim is amazing! I have taken part in the 10 weeks business transformation and we are just into week 3 and oh my wow!! The changes I have made in my business are huge. Kim also has extensive knowledge in all things lashes and has taught me so much more about lashes and lash extensions 🙌🏼

Thank you so so much

Great investment!

I am a business that has been operating for a couple of years now and I went into this transformation to really fine tune the business making sure it is running as smoothly as I can, I am 3 weeks in now and have a list of tasks I need to do to improve my buisness and I’m thrilled to see what the rest of the weeks bring on, as well as having the 1:1 zoom meeting with Kim I felt like I could really pick her brain it’s not just all online reading it’s very personalised, great investment


Mark my words I will never ever go back to anything else but these lash cosys, I’m my opinion they change the way your sets last as you can get perfect base attachment as the pads position they eye so that you have a clear view of the hair, easy to use and apply and they don’t move! Even when the clients eye water no irritation

Great lashes!

These classic lashes are extremely easy to use and attach very well to the natural lash making a classic set look amazing

Elementary Volume Lash
hayley wilson
Fan like a dream!

What I love most is that I know that these are the correct weight on what lashes should be and true to their size! Extremely soft making a fluffy set of lashes while they fan like a dream making my sets flow effortlessly once in a good rhythm, I have completely converted my whole lash range

Silicon Lash Tape
hayley wilson
Best tape ever!

I started using this tape thinking how good could it be… well well well it has exceeded expectations as it is super soft on clients skin causing no irritation & is easily used to tape back lashes without ripping any off be able to really get into each layers easily

Highly recommend

I’ve been doing lashes for 5 years and can honestly say this is the best tape. Nice and sticky but yet really soft and gentle on the skin. Highly recommend

10 week business transformation

It has only just started but in my first session I know I will be able to gain so much from Kimberly. Kimberly definitely has a lot of knowledge. She is so easy to talk to and listens to what you have to say. I am looking forward to what I will achieve in the next few weeks. So pleased I took that step to sign up for the 10 weeks . No regrets

Best customer service ever

The glue did not work for me at all. So I contacted customer service. I got a reply from Kimberly herself right away with many reasons why this might’ve happened and we trouble shooted together. Turns out it was delivered on a very hot day and sat in my letterbox for over 3 hours and sat in a hot van for over 4. She immediately sent me a new one without question and because of all of her helpful information, my retention is better. The glue is fantastic!! But Kimberly and the customer service is better!! They won’t let you down!! I will continue to support this wonderful company for this reason.

I HIGHLY recommend Lash Vision Academy.

Kimberley has been so incredibly supportive and made me feel so comfortable in learning a new skill. The education is beyond thorough and gives you the confidence to start lashing clients on the first day of the course. It’s very clear that Kimberley has plenty of experience not only in lashing but also in teaching. She provides an open and encouraging environment that is easy to learn in. Once you’ve finished the course you still have access to ongoing training, this allows you to understand the material 100% and be supported through your lash journey. You absolutely will not regret it!