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Love them!

I brought a sample pack of each to try (love that you can do this first) they do take a second to get used to, but the stickiness of these is amazing, they literally don’t move, I hardly have to tape any sneaky bottom lashes that pop out as these a small and fit the eye nicely.
I’m leaving this review as I came to purchase more! Highly recommend.

Game changer!

I have used these lash cosys for a couple of months now and I will not be looking back, they are amazing, they stay where they are super sticky but comfortable to wear & remove with ease also they sit perfectly along the lash line so the base of the lashes is super clear & easy to access making for better attachment resulting in better retention

100% Recommend

Kim has helped me build my business and is so knowledgeable! Owning a small business can be so lonely and having someone to encourage you, throw ideas around with and help make sure your on the right track is amazing. Kim helped me make sure I had everything in order and is always happy to help. With just a couple of suggestions my last tax return was so much easier. The coaching is invaluable and something I will definitely continue doing. Thanks Kim!

Kimberley is a very knowledgeable lady especially when it comes to the lash industry! She has given me advice on how to run a sustainable salon aswell as a successful educational program. Kimberley is my go-to for anything lash related because you just know that any information she gives you, she would have spent plenty of time researching and studying to ensure she gives the most up to date and highest of standard answer.
I couldn’t recommend Kimberley more for any 1:1 coaching you may require within your lash business.

110% Recommend!

Kim has been an absolute asset to my business, 3 years ago she helped me when I first moved my home salon into a shop front and without her guidance and direction I wouldn't be where I am today. Fast forward to now and she has been there every step of the way. From setting prices, ideal target market, social media and so much more! Kim has the knowledge and is wonderful soul who will do whatever it takes to help you in the best way she can. I would have been lost without her!

The best

Ive had one coaching session so far with Kim, and I have already learnt so much & implemented a heap of small changes that have made the biggest difference to the entire picture of my business. I really love Kim’s approach to coaching, it’s not based on “I’ll help you make heaps of money by doing this and this” it’s figuring out and really nailing what success means to me individually and helping me achieve that, as well as helping me nail my brand identity, figuring out pricing, my language and social media presence and so much more. Kim is a gem, a wealth of knowledge and so easy to talk too. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

These tweezers aren’t bad for the price. (On special)

I’ve purchased too many expensive sets of tweezers over my 9 year career and these would have to be in the better 5 for the price point. The length of the foot makes them a bit harder to manoeuvre over something with a shorter foot. I haven’t been able to get these to perform well with mega volume lashes sadly without excessive impact on my wrist.

These are super stiff and not great to apply on the under eye skin

These are a hard no. They aren’t comfortable for clients and that type of tape/sticky isn’t something I would willingly put onto the sensitive under eye skin of any clients.

Best Isolation Tweezers EVER!!!

I love these tweezers. The fine tip really gets into the root of the lash and helps so much with isolation and the gentle curve of them closely hugs the shape of the eye which helps to get the right angle. Absolute game changer for me

Best eyepads ever!

These eyepads are no joke. They are a lifesaver and don't move at all. My clients and I love them 💕


I had tried Clear Vision before but I forgot how incredible it was until now. It magnetises to the natural lashes more than any glue I’ve ever seen before. Clients have no issues and the retention is like no other. It’s the ultimate glue, i won’t be switching to anything else

Although I'm yet to do Lash Visions volume course, i do love these tweezers for pre mades. They pick up and put down the lash with ease and are very comfortable to use!

These lashes are beautiful and silky. I remember my first thoughts over a year ago when i first started using these were, 'they are like a magnet to the natural lash'. I very quickly changed all of my classic lashes to Lash Vision.

We have been using this glue for nearly a year now and we LOVE it. Paired with Lash Visions Classic Lash Upskill course. It's a match made in heaven and our retention has never been better!

I love the Lash Cosy Askew. At the start it takes a few goes to get used to them, but once you are, i won't go back to the others. They are sticky so once in place it doesn't move and i love the 'stiffness' to them i find it make it easier to work with the natural lashes with extensions.


I have tried so many adhesives in the lash industry and this is by far the best! This has never failed me. Retention is beautiful and so incredibly easy to work with! Love that it’s clear and works at its best every single time! Couldn’t recommend this products enough (let’s be real all of lash visions products are a game changer!!!)

Perfect to store tweezers

I love these cases and that I can wipe them down and keep my sanitised tweezers clean and safe.

Beautiful lashes

Love these lashes for my classic sets. Super consistent and easy to work with.

Elementary Volume Lash
Brenda Warren
Best lashes ever

I've tried a bunch of lashes but these are seriously the best. So easy to fan and pickup. Super consistent and look amazing

Beautiful tweezers

I love these for my classic sets. The shape is beautiful and so easy to pickup and apply with.

Still getting the hang of these

I love the concept of these and the petite size is awesome. I however haven't got the hang of the placement with these yet. I may need to try the other style of them.
They are a great stickiness but also gentle so don't move.

Life savers

These are amazing to work with and make handmade fans. Pick up is a dream.

Glue to beat all other glues

I've tried a few glues but they just weren't me. I love how this magnetises to the NL so easily. No Skippy lashes and great retention too

Silicon Lash Tape
Brenda Warren
Best tape ever

It's the perfect combination of sticky and gentle. Looove this tape for so many applications

This Primer smells sooooooooo good!!!!