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So damn good!!

These lashes pick up like a dream and are so easy to use. They also attach really nicely to the natural lash.
I've used lashes in the past where the individual extension was so flimsy and hard to take off the silver backed strip, but these are so easy to pick up, hold a nice solid curl and the actual lash fibres aren't flimsy.
Cannot recommend enough!

Heat Lover

This adhesive is GREAT for those warmer environments. Works amazingly compared to other adhesives when it comes to heat. I love that it is also super flexible when it comes to humidity too. My space can be so inconsistent when it comes to humidity so I need something adaptable and this is PERFECT for that. Lash Vsion has done an incredible job with this adhesive!

Lash Lift Online Training
Jassy Gorgonio

I honestly honestly honestly!!! cannot stress this course out enough to those beautiful ladies who are wanting to study lash lifting.
this has honestly been such an amazing journey! the course itself is so in depth & the angles in the videos provided really help & guide you when training!
to the beautiful ladies who have brought this course to life, you guys are incredible & i cannot wait for more incredible training with you guys!
really have appreciated you all & this course really exceeded my expectations!!

lots of love,

Incredible Course

Ive just put an employee though this course and I am so happy I choose Lash Vision. The training was so in depth that when my student did her first practice I didn't have to explain anything, I got to watch as she completed everything outstandingly. I highly recommend this course for any one looking for a training that covers everything you need plus more! The support from Flick and the team at Lash Vision is outstanding! I can't wait to put my staff through the new Brow course that's about to launch! Thank you Lash Vision!

Perfect add on

Such the perfect add on to any clients appointment. An absolutely beautiful product.


This glue is freaking amazing!! Have only used this brand since lashing and have never had any problems with it! My clients always have amazing retention! Highly highly recommend!

The best gel patches!! 🔥

The best eye gel patches!! The only brand that I have found actually stay in place and don’t move while lashing!! That alone for me is a WIN! (We all know how annoying it is when they don’t stick) also super hydrating leaving my clients looking & feeling so refreshed after the appointment 🤩

So nourishing

Love these under eye pads! These are super light, yet still sticky and your client under eyes are so nourished after! I found these are also very great for people who wants to open their eyes because they’re more sensitive around eyes, because these are so light they hardly will feel them on! You won’t be disappointed!

Love These Gel Patches

The moment Flic brought these out, I cancelled my other lash pad order because I was keen to try these out! I haven't gone back to my old ones.
They are soft, hydrating and stay in place. Very impressed!

Look no further!

Im a huge fan of lash visions foam eye pads so when these arrived i was super keen to see the difference!
These are absolute gold to work with. Super hyrdrating and hold well under your clients eyes. I’ve stocked up on these and will be a long time user 🥰

LV Black Out Lash Adhesive
sheryline Francois
Fantastic Adhesive!

I have been using LV Blackout adhesive for a couple of months and I can say that is is an amazing product! It helped me cut down my lashing time by an hour and the retention is phenomenal! Totally recommend!

We are so glad to hear this retention ✅ cutting time down ✅ what more could one person want

3 in 1 Lash Lift Tool
Lucine Dore

The course was very thorough. I absolutely loved the support and how great/quick to respond they all were. So so glad I did this course. No way in hell I would be doing amazing lifts without this course and the support I’ve received 💕🙌🏼

Blown away!

These tweezers changed my mindset- I’m just beginning and couldn’t for the life of me isolate correctly with the tweezers supplied in my kit. I purchased these and they’ve change everything! I’m not anywhere near perfect at isolation yet but far better then I was yesterday all thanks to this product. Just when I wanted to give up because it was becoming to hard and so disappointing I couldn’t get it, I’m driven and determined to master the art with my incredible new tool!

Thank you Lash vision for changing my vision!

Classic Practice Kit
Beverley koglin

Good to deal with

Thank you so much xx means the world to hear you love our support xx

Classic In Person Training - Orange NSW
Lisa Ellsmore
Feeling Confident

Wow what a great way to start out with Flic, I was very nervous but after my face to face training I’m much more confident and eager to start my new found passion

Masterclass: The Power of Listening
Amanda Aitchison

Awesome and so informative. Thanks for sharing such great information


Love it! Used for my first ever set of lashes and my client lost next to none, even when they were put on in such a hot humid day!

Amazing for buck!

This light is an absolute game changer helps give amazing light to photos love it n even better it’s like $20-$30 cheaper then every where else.

Elementary Volume Lash
Jessica Eaton
Super Luxe

Absolutely love these lashes. Super luxurious, super black and easy to fan!

Great product

I purchased the Duo lamp for my partner so she could have a more natural light source for her make-up, reading etc. Not only is it a brilliant product, but the service from Lash Vision was tremendous. Dispatched the same day I ordered it and it arrived next day. Super quick and friendly service. Highly recommended.

Lash vision clear vision

I live In northern queensland and was so tired of having to change glues due to the seasons. Clear vision has been a game changer for me and I've realized that with this glue, bad retention is because my clients don't take care of their lashes. This glue changed my life when I was about to give up all hope of finding the glue for me. I also love that I can subscribe and not have to worry to order in advance.

Clear Vision Lash Adhesive
Lina Rutigliano

Brilliant 😊😊👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💕💕💕💕💕💕


Cannot fault this glue simply amazing!

Clear Vision Lash Adhesive 2ml - FREE SAMPLE
Jayedyn Rohl

Clear Vision Lash Adhesive 2ml - FREE SAMPLE

Clear Vision Lash Adhesive 2ml - FREE SAMPLE
Louise Ray
Lovely adhesive

Very quick shipment, we’ll packaged. Used today and it seemed very good still waiting on retention results but was good to work with. 4 stars because it took a little while to dry