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Clear Vision Lash Adhesive 5ml
Marie-Jose Van Der Ven
My absolute favourite adhesive

I’ve used many and this one is my golden ticket especially for my hand made volume fans!

Clear vision adhesive

Most reliable adhesive I’ve used.

This is it for me

The retention is AMAZING! Seriously the best glue!

Clear Vision Lash Adhesive 5ml
Rachel Griffiths - Utterly Lashed
Lash Vision Clear adhesive

I’m a clear glue lover and this glue doesn’t disappoint! You’ll never need to try another glue again!

Love it!

I've tried a few glues now for classic lashes and I always come back to this one. It just isn't as fussy about temp as some of the others are

Lash Lift Online
Grace Wilson
Best online course EVER!

So pleased with this online course so much information and exceeded my expectations I will be doing all my future online courses with Lash Vision Academy could not recommend more!!

There foam pads are life ladies!!

Just finished a class where I worked with them and a.) super sticky I'm a newbie and I readjusted them 2-3 times and the didn't move through the whole application. B.) The peel off without any fuss or pain. Legit best eye pads ever


These eye pads are AMAZING!! So easy to apply, did not move at all during application and came off so easy!! 100% Recommend!!!