NEW!! Rapid Pro-made Mixed Fans

🌟 Discover the Artistry of Our NEW PROMADE FANS

Rapid Pro-Mades 1000 in each box

Available in mixed sizes from 7mm to 12mm curl: C, CC & D

  • 3D 0.07mm
  • 4D 0.07mm
  • 5D 0.07mm
  • 6D 0.05mm
  • 7D 0.05mm

Revolutionise Your Lash Extensions with Art and Efficiency

Embrace the innovative world of lash extensions with our state-of-the-art PROMADE FANS. Perfect for lash artists who value creativity, speed, and exceptional results. Here’s why these fans are a true asset to your toolkit:

  1. Quick and Easy Application: Selected for its ease of attachment, our material guarantees a swift, flawless application every time. Speed up your process without sacrificing quality, giving you more time to focus on your artistry.

  2. Elegantly Thin Base: Designed with a slim base, these fans blend seamlessly with natural lashes, offering durability and comfort. They're the perfect choice for a natural yet stunning look.

  3. Consistency Meets Handmade Charm: Get the uniformity of promades with the bespoke appeal of handmade fans. Each fan is consistently perfect, ensuring every set of lashes you create is a masterpiece.

  4. Tailored for the Handmade Enthusiast: As artisans ourselves, we resonate with the passion for handmade quality. These fans are crafted to meet those high standards, bringing you the best of both worlds.

  5. Innovative and Exclusive in Australia: Be a trendsetter with this dense, high-quality material that’s new to Australia. Stand out in the industry and offer something unique and superior to your clients.

🌸 Challenge the Norm, Enhance Your Craft 🌸

Our NEW PROMADE FANS redefine what it means to be a lash artist. They’re not just about convenience; they're about preserving your passion and your health. Say goodbye to the physical strain of crafting handmade fans—your hands will thank you. Ideal for artists facing challenges in fan-making, or for those looking to diversify their offerings. Mix and match with handmade fans for different clients and styles!

👁 Empower Your Creativity, Love Your Work More 👁

Using PROMADE FANS isn't cheating; it's choosing to evolve and adapt in an ever-growing industry. It's about loving your work and providing exceptional results, effortlessly.

PLEASE NOTE:  Please use more glue to attach fans - Scan QR code on box to show the method we use 

Get Yours Today – Transform Your Lash Services!

How-to Video

VIDEO: Pro Made double dip method for lasting retention


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the lash vision difference, sustainability, less ingredients, tried and testes, premium quality eyelash extension supplies
the lash vision difference, sustainability, less ingredients, tried and testes, premium quality eyelash extension supplies

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jessica Febey
In love with promades

I’ve been very excited to try Lash Vision promades. I never thought I would like using promades but it has made such a difference in speeding up my times while still taking care of the clients lashes. Lash Vision did not disappoint. These lashes are incredible and continue to follow their vision with high quality lashes and sustainability.

Vanessa Phillips
Absolute Perfection and a Dream to work with!!

Absolute pleasure to lash with.
These promades are absolutely divine to work with. Fast and application because the quality of the lash is so good.
☆Easy to set up using ruler method onto silicone
☆Perfect points are so super easy to lash
☆Light points so easy and quick to line up and lay
Drum rollllllll......
☆ 100% perfection in lash quality - all perfectly equal lengths, all perfect thicknesses, nothing fell apart, the bases were all spot on.
Not a single wisker was out of place, it certainly was something special and what gives lash artists the "warm fuzzies" and saves us bucketloads in set up time before you arrive

Rachel Griffiths - Utterly Lashed
Perfect Fans

I bought the 3D Pro Made mixed size fans to try and just love them. Amazing quality. Can’t wait to be able to buy them in single lengths 😍

Just buy them!!!!

I'm a handmade volume fanatic of 6 years.... I was super intrigued to try LV's new promade fans purely because of how fine the bases were. I tried them for the first time yesterday and I was truly blown away by how far promade fans have come. I AM SOLD! I'll now be adding promades into my service list to offer more style options. Work smarter - not harder!!!

Kiah Moss

LV promades are the best I have tried (and I’ve tried a few brands now). The bases are super thin, the consistency in the fans themselves are phenomenal, they’re dark, able to be customised to suit each client. I also love the fact that these are stocked in a 7mm as not many brands stock shorter lengths.

Promade fans have honestly sped up my lash time and are super easy to apply. Absolutely obsessed with these and am in the process of changing over all my promades to LV brand 😍