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Discover the Epitome of Sustainable Lashing: Elementary Classic Lashes

🌱 Elevate Your Lash Game with Unmatched Excellence 🌱

Prepare to be captivated by the allure of Elementary Classic Lashes—a true testament to sustainability and excellence in lash artistry. More than just lashes, they're an embodiment of quality that transforms every flutter into a work of art.

💫 Sustainability Refined:

Step into the world of sustainable lashing with Elementary Classic Lashes. Our commitment to keeping your lashes in pristine condition for the long haul is unparalleled. Elevate your lash sets with a touch of responsibility that speaks volumes.

🌟 Premium PBT Perfection:

Crafted from the highest quality PBT, our Elementary Classic Lashes redefine excellence. Experience the symphony of ultra-soft, flexible, and feather-light lashes that feel as gentle as a whisper. Embrace extensions that are so comfortable, you'll forget they're there.

🌀 Curl that Commands Attention:

The magic of captivating lashes is at your fingertips. Elementary Classic Lashes hold their curl with finesse, ensuring your lash sets create a stir wherever you go. It's time to make your clients swoon with drool-worthy lash sets that speak volumes.

🔍 Precision Perfected:

Every strand is a masterpiece of precision. Our dedication shines as we rigorously test each batch for diameter and length consistency. Why? Because sustainable lashing is about more than beauty—it's about your lash health and comfort.

🌱 Sustainably Yours:

Embrace lightweight lashes that honour your natural ones. With Elementary Classic Lashes, the lighter the lashes, the less stress on your natural ones. Experience comfort and care for everyday wear that complements your elegance.

🌟 The Ultimate Choice:

Elevate your lash game with lashes that embody sustainability and luxury. Trust in Elementary Classic Lashes as your canvas to craft stunning lash sets that marry beauty with responsibility.

🎁 Unlock the Experience:

Indulge in the epitome of sustainable lashing. Embrace the beauty of lashes that are stunning, gentle, and eco-conscious. Your lash health and comfort are our priority, and Elementary Classic Lashes are here to make that statement.


🌟 Semi-Sheen Elegance: Dive into the world of the deepest dark black, from base to tip. Our Classic Lashes boast a semi-sheen that adds a touch of luxury to every lash set.

🔮 Endless Rows of Magic: Each tray holds 16 rows, delivering an abundance of possibilities to elevate your lash artistry. Create stunning sets that enchant and captivate.

🌐 Korean PBT Mastery: Manufactured with the pinnacle of excellence, our Classic Lashes feature the highest quality Korean PBT. Unveil a realm of super softness, flexibility, and unyielding curl that transforms lash extensions into true works of art.

🌿 A Feather-Light Symphony: Experience lashes that are soft as a whisper and flexible as a dream. Our Classic Lashes embrace your client's natural lash line while holding their enchanting curl.

🌀 Optimal Fanning Brilliance: A 2mm strip lays the foundation for optimal fanning, allowing you to weave your magic effortlessly. Craft fans that are as captivating as they are impeccable.

🔬 Rigorously Tested Excellence: Elevate your artistry with every lash set. Each batch undergoes rigorous tests for diameter and length consistency, ensuring every lash you apply is a masterpiece.

🌟 Seeing is Believing: A white backing illuminates your fanning journey, making every move precise and flawless. Embrace a world of clarity as you create stunning lash fans.

🍃 Residue-Free Brilliance: Our easy peel backing ensures that minimal residue remains on lash tiles, giving you a clean canvas to work your magic. Create lash sets that are flawless from start to finish.

🔑 Size that Matters: Embrace efficiency with size labels printed on the base of each row. Say goodbye to misplaced lengths and hello to a seamless lash application experience.

🏷️ Labels of Excellence: Every lash tray is adorned with curl, length, and diameter labels on both the front and bottom. Unveil a world of organised brilliance as you embark on your lash artistry journey.

Elevate Your Craft: With our Classic Lash Tray, you're not just applying extensions—you're creating works of art that captivate and enchant.

Our mixed trays consist of the following sizes:
2 rows in 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 11mm & 12mm
3 rows in popular sizes 9mm & 10mm


Lash trays are hand made that means you may find minor flaws of imperfections. In any range of lashes you may find up to 10% discrepancy due to the nature of the manufacturing process.


We batch test all our lash shipments with a micrometer to check the diameter to ensure we provide you with only the best possible lashes!


the lash vision difference, sustainability, less ingredients, tried and testes, premium quality eyelash extension supplies
the lash vision difference, sustainability, less ingredients, tried and testes, premium quality eyelash extension supplies

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Uncaged B.
So damn good!!

These lashes pick up like a dream and are so easy to use. They also attach really nicely to the natural lash.
I've used lashes in the past where the individual extension was so flimsy and hard to take off the silver backed strip, but these are so easy to pick up, hold a nice solid curl and the actual lash fibres aren't flimsy.
Cannot recommend enough!



hayley w.
Great lashes!

These classic lashes are extremely easy to use and attach very well to the natural lash making a classic set look amazing

Samantha T.

These lashes are beautiful and silky. I remember my first thoughts over a year ago when i first started using these were, 'they are like a magnet to the natural lash'. I very quickly changed all of my classic lashes to Lash Vision.

Brenda W.
Beautiful lashes

Love these lashes for my classic sets. Super consistent and easy to work with.