Clear Vision Lash Adhesive

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✨ Embrace Clarity, Create Brilliance ✨

Unleash your lash artistry potential with our extraordinary Clear Vision Eyelash Extension Glue—a true testament to versatility and reliability. Whether you're just beginning your lash journey or seeking a comfortable pace, Clear Vision is your steadfast partner for crafting lash sets that mesmerize.

🌟 Crystal Clear Brilliance:

With a name that says it all, Clear Vision Eyelash Extension Glue embodies clarity and precision. This visionary adhesive is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of both Classic and Volume lash applications, making it an indispensable tool in your lash artistry arsenal.

💫 Versatility Redefined:

As diverse as your lash creations, Clear Vision gracefully adapts to your artistic aspirations. Whether you're sculpting timeless Classic sets or pushing boundaries with captivating Volume designs, this adhesive is your unwavering companion.

🌿 Sustainability at Heart:

Aligned with Lash Vision's commitment to sustainable beauty, Clear Vision embraces the essence of mindful artistry. Craft your lash masterpieces knowing that you're choosing an adhesive that resonates with your values.

💪 Unyielding Retention:

Experience lash sets that stand the test of time. Clear Vision's exceptional retention, when used according to Lash Vision guidelines, ensures that your creations continue to enchant and captivate.

🚀 A Star on Demand:

Clear Vision isn't just an adhesive; it's a phenomenon. Its popularity soars, and this beauty disappears off the shelves faster than you can imagine. Secure your supply today to ensure you're never without this lash artist's essential.

Are you ready to embrace the clarity and brilliance of Clear Vision? Elevate your lash game and experience the magic of crafting with confidence.


🔥 Ultra Strong Hold: Precision meets power. Clear Vision's ultra-strong hold ensures your lash creations stand strong and captivating, leaving a lasting impression.

Incredible Retention: Captivate with confidence. Clear Vision's unmatched retention ensures your lash sets continue to shine brilliantly long after application.

🎨 Easy to Use: Seamlessly express your artistry. Clear Vision's effortless application welcomes lash enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners discovering their passion to seasoned professionals refining their craft.

💪 Lash Artist Approved: Loved and endorsed by lash artists nationwide, Clear Vision wears the seal of approval from those who understand lash excellence.

🌱 Sustainable Brilliance: Honor the planet with every lash set. Clear Vision's commitment to sustainability shines through its biodegradable outer packaging, an ode to mindful beauty.

🐾 Compassion Embodied: Align your art with empathy. Clear Vision stands tall as a 100% cruelty-free adhesive, embodying our dedication to creating beauty without compromise.


    Colour: Clear
    Viscosity: Medium
    Bond: Strong and semi-flexible
    Fumes: Minimal.

    Low humidity and temperature will create higher irritation

    Humidity range: 30-70%
    Temperature range: 18-22 degrees Celsius
    Unopened bottles: 6 months


    Ethyl cyanoacrylate 90.1%, PMMA 9.6%, Hydroquinone 0.3%


    Ideal Use
    Always wash lashes 5-20 minutes post application for safe Hydroquinone use.

    Drying time
    30-40% humidity: 3-4 seconds (bond may not be as strong)
    40-45% humidity: 2-3 seconds
    45-60% humidity: 1-2 seconds (Optimal humidity)
    60-70% humidity: 0.5-1 seconds (bond may not be as strong)

    Ideal 19 to 21 degrees
    Cyanoacrylate does not like heat or being too cold, room regulation is key for ultimate retention.
    In order to preserve your Glue

    Unopened bottles
    Stored in the fridge in bag provided below 10 degrees Celsius. Allow adhesive to reach room temperature prior to use - 4 hours suggested
    Keep away from Sunlight, Moisture, Heat and in a shaded place -heat will weaken your adhesive

    Opened bottles
    Store in an air-tight container or original zip packaging with silica in a cool dry place (change silica weekly). Don't store adhesive in the refrigerator once you've opened it.
    Full time lash artists replace bottles every 2-3 weeks
    Part time lash artists 1 month
    Keep away from Sunlight, Moisture, heat and in a shaded place - heat will weaken your adhesive
    Close lid tightly after every useReplace glue nozzle weekly, keep nozzle clean. Do not wipe nozzle with tissue, paper or cotton based fibres.
    Shake 30 seconds prior to dispensing glue droplet.
    Replace glue droplet every 10-15 minutes, if your temperature is above 22 degrees this will need to be sooner

    Safety Information
    Keep away from flames or heat over 60 degrees celsius. Contact with cotton fibres may result in an exothermic reaction (combustion)For professional use only. Certified, licensed and insured technicians use only, please see your local guidelines. Can only be used when eyes are fully closed. Not intended for self-application.Use with extreme caution and care. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Seek medical advice immediately.Keep out of the reach of children.Use in a well ventilated space wearing a mask that protects from VOC (Volatile organic chemicals).


    We highly encourage anyone trying any new glue to use it on one client or family/friend to ensure the glue suits your working style. This is one of the reasons we decided to sell sample adhesive so you can have a risk free trial. Clear Vision sample size is only designed to test the bottle is not air tight and does not keep the glue fresh for the full 3 month life span. Long term use we suggest Clear Vision 5ml. Please note there is no refunds on open adhesive unless there is a product recall due to fault.

    the lash vision difference, sustainability, less ingredients, tried and testes, premium quality eyelash extension supplies
    the lash vision difference, sustainability, less ingredients, tried and testes, premium quality eyelash extension supplies

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Taylor M.
    No product like this one

    Absolutely amazing for any skill level, this glue has upped my game & really made lashing easier!


    This glue is freaking amazing!! Have only used this brand since lashing and have never had any problems with it! My clients always have amazing retention! Highly highly recommend!

    Tamika S.

    Love it! Used for my first ever set of lashes and my client lost next to none, even when they were put on in such a hot humid day!

    Cindy B.
    Lash vision clear vision

    I live In northern queensland and was so tired of having to change glues due to the seasons. Clear vision has been a game changer for me and I've realized that with this glue, bad retention is because my clients don't take care of their lashes. This glue changed my life when I was about to give up all hope of finding the glue for me. I also love that I can subscribe and not have to worry to order in advance.


    Great glue

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