NEW!! Boxed Pro Made Fans 7-12mm

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Boxed Pro-Made Fans - Elevate Your Lash Artistry

Step into the spotlight with our Boxed Pro-Made Fans and lead the way in lash artistry. Elevate your lash services to an art form and watch your client base flourish as word spreads of your exceptional skills.

Exclusively crafted for lash artists who demand the best, our Boxed Pro-Made Fans are available only through us in the Australian market, setting a new standard in quality and innovation. Each game-changing box features up to 900 meticulously crafted fans.

Mixed from 7mm to 12mm across curls C, CC, and D.
3D - 900 Fans
4D - 500 Fans
6D - 500 Fans
7D - 540 Fans
8D - 540 Fans

7mm / 1 line
8mm / 2 lines
9mm / 3 lines
10mm / 4 lines
11mm / 3 lines
12mm / 2 lines

Discover why these fans are a must-have:

  • Exclusivity at Its Best: More than just fans, they are a status symbol in the lash world. Made from a unique, high-density material, our fans are exclusive to our brand and unparalleled in Australia.
  • Industry-Leading Quality:Each fan is a work of precision, engineered for those who refuse to compromise on quality. With ultra-thin bases and perfect symmetry, they offer the elegance of handmade fans with the consistency and efficiency of pro-made design
  • Unparalleled Performance:Designed to meet the needs of lash artists at every skill level, our fans refine your technique, improving attachment, comfort, and durability, making every lash application flawless.
  • Customer-Centric Commitment: At Lash Vision, your feedback drives our innovation. Thanks to rave reviews, we continuously enhance the performance and quality of our Rapid Pro-Made Fans, ensuring they meet your high expectations.

Pro-Made 30 Day Challenge- 30 Day money back guarantee!


We’re inviting you to transform your lash game in just 30 days with our Pro Made Fans.


Here's how it works:

🌟 Use our Pro Made Fans for 30 days.
🌟 Discover the ease of application, stunning results, and unparalleled comfort.
🌟 If you're not completely satisfied by the end of the challenge, we'll refund your purchase - It's that easy!


Are you up for the challenge? Grab your set today and start your journey to lash mastery.

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the lash vision difference, sustainability, less ingredients, tried and testes, premium quality eyelash extension supplies

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