'Lift Life Online gave me the opportunity to introduce a new service to clients, I grew my clientele by offering something for those who couldn’t have extensions.'

'Being part of the Lift Life support group is wonderful as I know I have somewhere to turn to for help and where I can talk with other students like myself and share tips.'
Kendall Shaw
'Introducing lash lifts to my business meant I could work more because it's not as hard on my body physically compared to eyelash extensions, which resulted in more income'.
Sally Heinjus
'I am addicted to learning about my craft. Doing a Lash Vision Course had been on my radar for quite some time and they did not disappoint! Kimberly is so passionate about the industry and her clear step by step directions and details made it super easy to learn. If you are a beginner or even more advanced I guarantee you will get huge results!'
Liz Cat
I recently completed a revive session with Kim. I've been lashing for about a year and wanted to brush up on my skills and other things! I was so blown away with what I learnt, Kim is amazing and really knows her stuff. I would highly recommend Lash Vision Academy! thanks so much Kim and team xx
Brooke Early
'I have done the lash lift online course through Lash vision academy & couldn't recommend it enough... I have come out feeling so confident in my lash lifts! Thank you for such a detailed course that made it so easy to learn.'
Stephanie Lilley
'I did the lash lifting course, and highly recommend lash vision, I felt very confident after completing the course the on going support has been amazing, it’s not one of those courses where when you finish that’s it, Kimberley and her team are always there to help and answer any questions.'
Kelly Morgan
'I did the online lash lifting course through Lash Vision Academy and was blown away with how informative and detailed the booklets and video tutorials were. I was able to get all the confidence I needed to give the practical side of my studies ago. The ladies at Lash Vision have continued to support me and answer any questions I may have. Couldn’t recommend them high enough!'
Dana Sutherland
'I absolutely loved the lash lift training, Kim gave me all the knowledge and skills to hit the ground running.'

'The training is so thorough and she has so much expertise in this field, the ongoing support and encouragement after trainings is second to none. 10/10!!'
Allannah Hyde
‘I did the Empire Integrated course and I was really amazed with just how much information is provided both online and in person.

Every area of the course is done in depth which made it easier for me to get a better understanding of lashing as a whole.

I love the professionalism there but I also love how approachable, relatable and how helpful the staff is. Both Kim & Ash were really encouraging on both days of the in person training and they were also really understanding of where I was as a beginner which made me feel way more at ease.
Keira N
I am so incredibly confident to provide Lash Lifting and Tinting as apart of my Salon's lash menu. This is solely because of the in depth online Lash Lift course created by Lash Vision Academy. I was always sceptical learning a practical service like this online, due to the possibility of missing key details and possibly damaging client's lashes. The Lash Lift Online course was so in depth and my expectations were more than exceeded! So much information was covered and if I ever feel like I need a refresher I have the ability to reopen the course whenever I please.

Lash Vision's service has always been impeccable. The owner of the academy Kimberley even called me on the day of my certificate release to congratulate me. I thought that was a lovely gesture. Thank you so much Kimberley and the team at Lash Vision.
Katherine French
I have been lashing for almost 4 years and I recently completed the Lash Revive Classic refresher course. Well let’s just say.. KIM BLEW MY MIND! The amount of knowledge this lady has is incredible! The dedication and patience she put into our training speaks leaps and bounds! Sometimes we get so caught up in the ever changing techniques that we forget about the basics. I can’t wait to see my next few classic clients so I can get back into focusing on the little things, because they do still matter! Thank you so much Kim for all your knowledge, all your heart and your always welcoming soul. I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND LASH VISION ACADEMY! You will not be disappointed.
Steph French
'I did my volume lash training with the amazingly talented as she knows it ´Lash nerd’ back last year in October. I did SO much research into choosing a trainer, I wanted someone who I felt I was going to get my money’s worth but also someone who delivered what they were all about. I walked away with not only the confidence in what Kim taught me but also more than I was expecting. Is hand made volume hard? Hell yes! But when you find yourself an educator like Kim, no doubt you will nail the art to volume. I may also add that I’m currently doing the pre made volume course online with lash vision which I’m absolutely loving and have learnt so much important information about pre mades! Absolutely worth it!'
Marie-José Van Der Ven
I was sceptical of doing an online course and after talking to Kimberley on the phone and her suggesting I start with the lash lift course I’m so happy I did! Kimberley was more than happy to answer all my questions, the course has everything you need and the ongoing support is amazing.
Kristy Lane
Amazing!! I was lucky enough to attend the ‘Lash Empire’ 4 day training with Kimberley in May, she is such a wealth of knowledge!! I was amazed at how much I got out of the training, not only fantastic lashing skills, but also a lot of business and marketing tips Aswell. I walked away with a lot of confidence and am so glad that I went the option of a 4 day course. Thanks again Kimberley!
Jaci Cocks