Up Skill Eyelash Extension Training

Trained in Eyelash Extensions but want to fill in the gaps? The fact that you are here tells us that you want to improve your classic lash game, learn evidence based knowledge and kick some serious lash butt!!

You would like to understand more than just applying lashes, you want to know why things go wrong instead of guessing. You want to be able to show case your lashes by styling your clients like a goddess and you want to grow your lash business beyond what you dreamed possible!

We will help you rebuild your brand, your confidence and give you further education on your applications to help you advance your career as a Lash Artist.

Lash Vision Classic & Volume Eyelash Extension Up Skill courses offers a comprehensive online curriculum that will have you perfecting your skill and help to take your business to the next level. Plus you have the option to add on in person training or online business coaching for a one on one personalised session with Lash Vision founder and CEO Kimberley Haworth.

Whats included

Classic and Volume up-skill Training both come complete with your online Student log-in and includes:
  • LIFETIME access to our comprehensive online training, complete with 12 units
  • Downloadable manuals and print outs
  • Demonstration & Educational Videos
  • LIFETIME support on our Facebook community forum & via our hotline
  • Certificate upon course completion
  • ONGOING updates to our online components
  • FREE access to our pre-made fan online module valued at $399
  • Optional Classic or Volume Kit
  • A coach to mentor you to success while you work through mastering your case studies
  • The option to add private in person training now, or come back and add it on later!
  • 15% OFF Lash Vision products & training

What you will learn

We will be showing you how to create fluffy dense lashes that last and most importantly do not cause strain on the clients natural lashes! This is our signature style of lashing that we have become known for and we are excited to pass this skill onto you.

The key to becoming a master lash artist is continued education, dedication to safe applications and practice. Don’t be afraid to try new trainings, competitions, conference and push your limits, you will learn something from each experience that will allow you to grow. Step out of the box, find the gap in the market and shine bright. Every amazing lash technician has been in your shoes, not one of us started perfectly and not one of us will say we are perfect now. The lash industry is ever changing due to its young nature, this means ongoing EDUCATION and PRACTICE is the absolute key to being a Lash Master.

Our online course has been compiled from our Award Winning comprehensive curriculum, which gives you lifetime access to receive all new, future updated information!
  • Classic Units

    - Business & Treatment set up

    - Hygiene & Safety

    - Consultation & Contraindications

    - Policies & Procedures

    - Eye anatomy

    - Hair anatomy

    - Artist self care

    - Sustainable Lashing

    - Application Overview

    - Isolation & Hand hold

    - Adhesive Knowledge, glue use & attachment

    - Mannequin Practice

    - Cleansing the lashes

    - Gel pad application

    - Priming lashes

    - Customised lash styling

    - Checking your work

    - Photography

    - Home care

    - Model Practise

    - Refill & removal

    - Pricing

    - Marketing

    - Inventory & purchasing stock

  • Volume Units

    - Regulations & Hygiene

    - Hair Anatomy

    - Adhesive

    - Primer

    - Consultation

    - Customised styling

    - Understanding your tools

    - Sustainable lashing

    - Volume fan design

    - Lash Vision signature method

    - Fan practice techniques

    - Retention

    - Pricing

    - Photography

    - Advanced layering for density

  • eyelash extension kit, classic kit, classic lash kit, classic lash supplier

    Small Classic Kit

    Full Volume Kit is valued at $500 and includes:

    -2 x Elementary Lash Trays

    -2 x Classic Tweezer

    -Clear Vision Lash Adhesive





    -Practise Tray

    -Practise Lashes

    -Lash Vision Lash Bag

  • Small Volume Kit

    Small Volume Kit is valued at $399 and includes:

    -2 Elementary Volume lash Trays

    -5ml Clear Vision Lash Adhesive


    -10x Lash Cosy Foam Eye Pads

    -Primer & Remover

    -Lash Vision Visionary Volume Tweezers

    -Lash Vision Visionary Classic Tweezers

    -Eye make up remover

    -Lash Vision lash bag

    -Silicon Lash Tray

    -Pro made volume sheet


Classic OR Volume
Online Training.... $699
Online Training with 1 Small Kit.... $899

Bundle and Save
Classic AND Volume Up-Skill
Online Training....$1,118.40 (SAVE 20% | Usually $1,398)
Online Training with 2 Small Kits....$1,438.40 (SAVE 20% | Usually $1,798.00)

In-Person Training Add-on
1 Day.... $450
2 Days.... $899

In-person Training

If you would like extra guidance, our one-on-one private in person training is perfect to give you the confidence to apply beautiful and safe lashes.

1 Day training is suitable for 1 application (Classic or Volume) and perfect for those wanting extra practise and help with their lash applications. You will have a fully qualified trainer who is with you every step of the way and is dedicated to helping you become the BEST lash artist possible.

2 Day training is suitable for 2 applications (Classic AND Volume). Or if you are wanting an under the microscope kick start to your lash applications - we can focus on just 1 application, the choice is yours!

This is a private one on one training to ensure 100% focus is on YOU and can be fully customised to suit the areas you need to improve.

Our in person training is available across our 4 locations;

Training can be arranged at one of our training locations, or we can come to you! There is no charge if you are within a 5km radius. Contact us if you are outside of the 5km range to discuss your options!

To discuss your options feel free to email us HERE or fill in our CONTACT FORM

Additional Information

  • Online components must be complete before any practical training
  • You will need to organise 1-3 models for your in person training - depending on the days you select and the areas you want to work on
  • Once you have completed your online components (and in person training is selected), you are required to submit 6 case studies (with one week in between submissions to allow for feedback). Once these are approved, you will receive feedback and your certification!
  • If you select online only, you can still come back and add-on the in-person training later.

Why Lash Vision

  • Reviews speak for themselves! We have so many happy and successful students who we keep in contact with and continue to support.
  • We are an Award winning academy and won the 2020 Australian Lash Open for the most comprehensive curriculum.
  • Our online courses take you through each process and give you adequate time to digest and then pass each unit through short quizzes and tests to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding
  • Once you have completed your online components there is an intensive assessment. This comes with full support and feedback so you can continue your applications to the highest standard, ensuring you are on the right track to success!
  • Our goal at Lash Vision is to produce highly educated lash artists that are not just applying stunning eyelash extensions, but are safe and sustainable and will have clients for years to come. This means we are here to support you every step of the way, not just during training, but for LIFE!

    Enrol today at Lash Vision Academy for an incredible training like no other!
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Want more info or have questions?

Get in contact with us for all your questions! Send us a no obligation email HERE or feel free to fill in our CONTACT FORM

We are more than happy to help answer any and all of your questions before you make any big decisions. We want you to be happy that you are choosing the right training and know that we are always available to answer any of your questions.

Like we always say, our students success is our success! So we are here to help you get the most out of your training and achieve your goals!
  • 1 Day Training add-on

    Regular price
    $450.00 AUD
    Regular price
    Sale price
    $450.00 AUD
    1 Day Training add-on
  • 2 Day Training add-on

    Regular price
    $899.00 AUD
    Regular price
    Sale price
    $899.00 AUD
    2 Day Training add-on
  • lash vision, 5, star, review, products, high, quality

    Look no further ! Kim is an amazing trainer, I highly recommend lash vision, Kim is professional and extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of lashing, whether you are just starting in the beauty industry or wanting to up-skill, Kim guides you through all the steps and will continue supporting you on your lash journey. Thank-you Kim for going above and beyond.

    Lesley Shea

  • lash vision, 5, star, review, products, high, quality

    I did the Empire Integrated course and I was really amazed with just how much information is provided both online and in person. Every area of the course is done in depth which made it easier for me to get a better understanding of lashing as a whole.

    Kiera Noble

  • lash vision, 5, star, review, products, high, quality

    Absolutely amazing! Love training with lash vision! So supportive and super friendly! Have also ordered products through lash vision and they are the best quality and from ordering to being shipped is so fast!

    Brittnay Henningsend

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  • lash vision, 5, star, review, products, high, quality

    'I am addicted to learning about my craft. Doing a Lash Vision Course had been on my radar for quite some time and they did not disappoint! Kimberly is so passionate about the industry and her clear step by step directions and details made it super easy to learn. If you are a beginner or even more advanced I guarantee you will get huge results!'

    Liz Cat

  • lash vision, 5, star, review, products, high, quality

    I was sceptical of doing an online course and after talking to Kimberley on the phone and her suggesting I start with the lash lift course I’m so happy I did! Kimberley was more than happy to answer all my questions, the course has everything you need and the ongoing support is amazing.

    Kristy Lane

  • lash vision, 5, star, review, products, high, quality

    I trained at several other academy’s before I found here. And the difference is like no other! The knowledge, support and confidence I left with is hard to compete with. I cannot recommend Lash Vision enough to anyone wanting to start a lash career or up-skill their existing!! Kira Mallick

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