Lash Adhesive Secrets Unleashed: Get the Most Out of Your Glue!

Hey there, Glue Gurus!

We're here with some super-sticky, lash-tastic tips to make sure you're getting the most out of your lash glue! Let's dive into the world of lash adhesives and learn how to glue like a pro.

GLUE TIP #1: Fresh is Best!

Alright, listen up lash lovers! If you want your lashes to stick around (literally), you gotta treat your glue right. Forget about adding fresh glue on top of old glue – it's like trying to make a sandwich with stale bread. Ew, no thanks!

So, here's the deal: always start with a fresh surface when you're decanting a new drop of glue. Your lashes will thank you, and your retention game will be on point!

GLUE TIP #2: The Temperature Tango!

Lash glue is quite the diva when it comes to temperature. She's got a tight little comfort zone, and you've gotta respect that! Picture this: a tiny window of 18-22 degrees, and nope, there's no bargaining.

But wait, there's more! Our body heat adds a little sizzle, bringing the temperature up to a cozy 20 to 24 degrees. And guess what? Our glue dislikes anything above 25 degrees – major no-no! However, she's a bit more chill when it comes to humidity – she can handle 30-70%. You go, glue!

GLUE TIP #3: Shake It 'til You Make It!

Alright, beauties, it's shake o'clock! Your lash adhesive is a concoction of magic ingredients, but they like to play around. The heavier ones go down, and the lighter ones float. And if you neglect that shake-shake, your glue won't be as effective, and your lashes might not want to stick around for long. Give it a little shimmy, and you'll be lash-ready in no time!

GLUE TIP #4: Nozzle Know-How!

Let's talk about glue nozzles. Don't let those nozzles get all clogged up and gloopy – it's not a good look, trust us. Change those babies every week! When the old glue hangs around in the nozzle, it turns into a thick mess, and nobody wants that.

Grab some fresh nozzles and extend the life of your glue – it's a total game-changer! Get your nozzles to keep your lashes on fleek at LashVision Nozzle Shop.

GLUE TIP #5: Cool is the Rule!

Now, we've got a hot tip for you in the cooler months! When it's chillier outside, that's the perfect time to stock up on your lash glue. Why? 'Cause you can store it in the fridge for up to a whole year – who knew glue could love the cold?

But hey, once you've cracked that glue open, let it live its best life outside the fridge. Don't lock it up again – we all deserve some freedom, right?

There you have it, lash gurus! Our fabulous glue tips to help you lash like a pro. Treat your glue right, and she'll keep your lashes looking fierce and fabulous. Until next time, happy lashing! 🌟💁‍♀️


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